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Infigen Energy Customer Service phone number

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Infigen Energy is a company that aims to serve the Australian energy market. It not only develops energy but is also the owner as well as operator of generation assets that deliver the best energy solutions for businesses and large sized retailers in Australia.

Infigen Energy has a huge installed generation capacity that covers not just New South Wales but also South Australia as well as Western Australia. Infigen Energy is planning to install another 113 MC in New South Wales. Infigen Energy also sells electricity and is currently diversifying and expanding its customer base.


Infigen Energy Customer Service contacts

Getting in touch with Infigen Energy is easy. All you need to do is visit its website where you can check out their contact us page. There, you will find it easy to send an online enquiry and if you want to speak with a customer care representative of Infigen Energy, then there are other options available for you.

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If you are thinking about sending Infigen Energy an online enquiry, then you will need to fill out their online form. In this form, you will need to provide your first and last name, name of your organization, your position in the organization, and your email address. Next, you have to specify the nature of your enquiry.

There are several options available to you regarding your enquiry type including finding out when the company is open for business, and you can also choose between general enquiries and complaints as well as shareholder enquiries. The last piece of information that you need to provide in this online form is the actual enquiry. Be as detailed as possible and once you are done entering your message, you will need to click a check box saying you have read and accepted the terms. By clicking on the SEND ENQUIRY button, you will be able to deliver your message to Infigen Energy.

If you want to provide feedback or if you have a complaint to make, then you can complete an online form or you can also call Infigen Energy at 1800 917 372. This helpline is free for callers within Australia. If you want to send your feedback or complaint via email, then you will need to address it to complaints@infigenenergy.com.

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If you are a security holder who wants to get in touch with Infigen Energy, then you can do this by visiting Link Market Services, Level 12, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. To call Infigen Energy, you will need to dial 1800 226 671. This dedicated number is free for callers from within Australia. If you want to send Infigen Energy an email message, then compose your message and send it to registrars@linkmarketservices.com.au.

If you have a general enquiry and you want to speak with someone at Infigen Energy, then pick up the telephone and dial their helpline +61 2 8031 9900. The person you should speak to is the Manager, ESG & Investor Relations, Marju Tonisson. Alternatively, you can also send Infigen Energy an email message. For that, you will need to compose your message and send it to IR@infigenenergy.com.

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