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iiNet Contact Customer Service

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iiNet is an Australian internet service provider founded in Perth, Western Australia by Michael Malone. Malone currently serves iiNet as the founder and former managing director, along with Michael Smith who is chairman. iinet offers services including broadband, dialup, telephony, and VoIP. iiNet is also a subsidiary of its parent company, TPG, an Australian telecommunications company.



If you want to get in contact with iiNet Australia, there are a number of steps you can take. To start, their website has a ‘Contact Us’ section with various links for simple requests such as changing your plan, changing email settings, and checking your quota usage. After this, they also boast an ‘iiHelp’ section that covers FAQs in a number of different topics. If you feel as though your request is something that gets asked regularly, you are likely to find answers here

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, you will need to dial one of the iiNet contact numbers listed below. As you will see, there is a different iiNet phone number depending on what you need from the call and then some of them are 24/7 which makes things even easier.



Either following normal office hours or 24/7 support, these are the iiNet helplines you will need to call. If you happen to be outside of the country, you can contact iiNet Australia by dialling +61 8 9214 2222. If you have a fax machine and need to send over some documents or contact iiNet in this way, simply use the number 1300 785 632.

iiNet Phone Numbers

  • Residential Sales helpline: 13 19 17
  • Residential Billing Support phone number: 13 22 58
  • Business Sales contact number: 13 86 89
  • Business Billing Support number: 13 86 89



Furthermore, there are separate email addresses depending on whether you are contacting as yourself or on behalf of a business. As a residential customer, you can email sales@iinet.net.au or support@iinet.net.au. Again, you should receive a reply within good time during normal office hours. For business customers, the addresses are biz-sales@iinet.net.au and bizsupport@iinet.net.au

Just like many other businesses nowadays, iiNet Australia can also be contacted on the many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Google+.



iiNet’s website offers two iiNet phone numbers on its homepage, one for sales, and one for customer support as well as billing. The website also features a contact us page which has various contacts for iinet customer assistance.

The page features a iinet phone number for sales and an email, which is sales@iinet.net.au. iinet provides a customer service number for billing and tech support, as well as an email, which is support@iinet.net.au. Keep in mind iiNet contact number is available 24/7.

An overseas iiNet phone number is also available. iinet also features a phone number for business sales support and an email, biz-sales@iinet.net.au and bizsupport@iinet.net.au. Lastly, the page features a business billing helpline and an email, which is accounts@iinet.net.au.

All of these numbers listed on the website feature a convenient estimated wait time underneath. Various other phone numbers are listed, such as for international callers, fax numbers, and translating.

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