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IGA Customer service contact number

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IGA Supermarket Australia takes an entirely new and novel way of approaching the way they do business. Instead of offering its customers a one-size-fits-all approach, IGA Supermarket Australia understands that everyone is different and unique and hence must be treated uniquely. With more than 1400 stores, IGA Supermarket Australia has been able to tailor their range of products and brands to give their loyal customers something more than they expects. The IGA Supermarket Australia price match promise is another unique feature in which each week they check the prices of hundreds of items and will offer you the lowest price.

IGA stands for Independent Grocers of Australia. and is a group of supermarkets around Australia. When it comes to food there will come a time when you might want to ask a question or make an inquiry. Need to know how to contact the IGA Supermarkets in Australia? We have put this guide together for you to get ahold of IGA easily.


Contact IGA Supermarkets Customer Service

The IGA Supermarket Australia stores are all independently owned, this means you have to contact IGA Supermarkets in different ways. To find a store, you must first use the SITE LOCATOR to find out their address and phone numbers, there are over 1400 stores spread all across the country, this means an IGA Supermarket Australia store will be located close to where you live.

iga customer support

To find a store, you must enter a suburb or postcode after which you will be provided with a list of stores that are located close to you. However, if you have a query that is not related to an IGA Supermarket Australia store, you can visit the IGA Supermarket Australia website. Once there, you can send your enquiry via a web form that is available at the website.

To use this form, you must provide relevant details, the first piece of information you need to provide is your name. next, you must provide IGA Supermarket Australia with your email address. After that, enter your telephone number so that they can contact you on the phone.


IGA Contact Number

If you wish to speak with IGA you should call IGA phone number and speak with an specific store, also you can send them a claim or get information about their products and services.

You must also select the state in which you live. There is a dropdown list of states that you can choose from. Next, provide the name of the store and also enter a subject. Lastly, you must enter your message. Be sure to provide as many details as you can and once you have entered your message, you are ready to submit your message. However, before submitting your message, you need to upload a file, if you wish to do so.

Next, you need to tick a box that says you have read and agreed to the IGA Supermarket Australia Privacy Policy. If you want to read this policy before submitting your message, you can click on a link that will take you to the Privacy Policy page. If you are satisfied with the Privacy policy of IGA Supermarket Australia, you can then tick this box to say you have read and agreed to the policy. To send your message, you need to click on the SEND button that is located at the bottom of the form. This is all it takes for you to send a message to IGA Supermarket Australia.

Once your message has been received by IGA Supermarket Australia, they will get in touch with you shortly. There does not seem to be any phone number other than the one listed for the store that you wish to contact. To use that phone, be sure to click on the STORE LOCATOR link and then dial the appropriate phone number.

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