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Hyundai Australia Contact Customer Service

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Hyundai is a renowned car manufacturing company that began operations in Australia in the year 2003. At the time, Hyundai Australia was a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent Korean company. In the three decades or so of its existence, Hyundai has become an essential part of the automotive industry in Australia.

It is in fact ranked number five in the world of auto makers and is recognized in every part of the world as a global leader whose cars are designed with safety and quality in mind. The hallmark of Hyundai Australia cars is their strict adherences to affordability and high technology.


Hyundai Australia Contact us

When the time comes to contact Hyundai, there are several options available. The first of course is to visit their website where you can browse the popular questions section, in this section, there are all the popular questions that people ask of Hyundai Australia. Each question is answered in an easy to understand manner and almost every aspect of the company is discussed in this section including but not limited to service, warranty and parts.

contact customer care

This section has answers to practically every question that you may have including on tips and tricks videos as well as frequently asked questions. If you still feel you need to get in touch with Hyundai, then you can call Hyundai helpline number at 1800 186 306.

The nice thing about Hyundai is that it provides customer care with a human touch. They know that even the smallest concern can be important to their customers. This is why Hyundai is ready to help you deal with all kinds of issues no matter how trivial they seem to be.

Whatever kind of query you have, Hyundai is there to help you regardless of how big or small the query is. Whether you need information about specific vehicle functions or even if you want to know more about servicing your vehicle, you can contact Hyundai Australia and even book a test drive. The team of customer care experts at Hyundai are ready to help you at all times.

With a series of small, medium, and luxury cars, it’s no wonder why the Hyundai motor company Australia, is currently doing so well. Hyundai offers efficient contact us services, their customer service is top of the line, their phone numbers are easy to obtain and can always be reached, and the vehicles themselves are also incredibly popular.


Call Hyundai Customer Care

You can use the Hyundai website to locate answers to all your questions. Whether you want to know why you cannot link your Hyundai Auto link with your car or even if you want to know how to report the crashing of your Hyundai Auto Link app, you can do so by visiting and checking out the Hyundai Australia website. Here, you will also come across tons of videos that deal with everyday concerns of Hyundai customers. For example, if you want to know how to clean your car, there is a video dedicated to just this subject. If you need information about the locking features of your Hyundai car, then there is another video that deals with just this subject.

You can rest assured that you will find an answer to all your questions in the Popular Questions section of the Hyundai website. If you still need help, then give Hyundai Australia a call by dialing their contact number at 1800 186 306.

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email address - 'bryan.wilson7@bigpond.com' I would like to know release date for 2017 Hyundai i30 and if a wagon version is going to be part of the range. A wagon version would be very good indeed.
I have a Hyundai 1/9/17 build date Tucson active x I have read conflicting information regarding the service frequency is it every six months or every twelve and the service cost I have had the first service abd have done 3500K Regards Robert Kerr janrobi@retirecom.com.au
What is your telephone Number Please you say it is easy to find ? janrobi@retirecom.com.au
Hi I have a 2017 Model I30 and wish to update my SD card Could you please advise what period of time between updates ? Hoping to hear from you soon on the matter Regards Jim
Dear Hyundai, I have only bought Hyundai cars in my life. I have been a faithful/ loyal customer for over 20 years. I recently purchased a Santa Fe for me and my children, while i had a teaching position. I have been told that the school will not run the Music program i was teaching, so i have had to look for other employment/ studies. I have applied for over 60 positions in this month, and have not obtained a job yet this year. I applied for master of Education leading to PhD at University, and have been accepted, but now the financial burden is pressing on me. I am a single mother, and want to show my children that they can achieve anything they want to, and to lead by example. I want to encourage others to educate themselves and be their best. Victoria is the Education State, and to that end, i want to ask you to assist me please. Is there a way you can financially assist me to pay off all, part or some off of my car, to relieve the financial burden for my family or let me know what else can be done to assist with paying off my car while studying please? I can sing, and would perform if you want. I do not want to lose the family car, as it is our only means of transport for school/ work/ study/ family/ etc. Please help, Sincerely, Linda.
Just before Christmas we had an issue with our 5 1/2 year old Hyundai Santa Fee Elite, which we so loved before our troubles when the rear differential cracked. At the time my husband was in hostipal very ill, when he came home he wrote a letter to the CEO of Hyundai, stating what happened. In fact he wrote twice registering the second letter. We have never had a reply. My husbands health has now deteriorated and he is partially blind so I'm following up. It was and is a trying time for us, we are aged pensioners 77 & 72, I am devastated as I'm now the full time driver and I'm so worried that if a Rear Differential will crack at 5 1/2 yrs old what else will go wrong,and after a bill of $2085, which came out of our funeral money, I just don't know what to do, I am so disappointed that you haven't even bothered to contact us. Ps; I kept the differential when we had it repaired at our local mechanics. The tow truck asked where our Mechanic was and I told him the one where my husband always goes to. I was very distraught on the way home from the hospital when this all happened. I hav copies of the first two letters he wrote and pictures of the rear differential which is in my garage. My name is Lorraine Groombridge, my email is quichelorrraine46@hotmail.com. I will also post this letter to the CEO with the hope that we will get some help. Every person I've mentioned this to is flabbergasted that the rear differential would crack ona 5 1/2 year old vehicle.