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HSBC Helpline contacts

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HSBC Australia is counted among the top banking and financial institutions in the country, and they are currently serving approximately 33 million customers worldwide. HSBC has been serving customers in various capacities including but not limited to retail banking and wealth management. It is also a leader in global private banking.

The HSBC community is vast and is being served in various capacities including in the field of education, environment and health. They also been a partner of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation or AIEF and has, since 2011, been focused on providing education to the indigenous people of the country.


HSBC Customer Service

Getting in touch with HSBC Australia is easy, if you have a question or concern, then you can contact HSBC through different means.

Enquiries related to transactions and account balances as well as payment details of your existing account or credit card will not be responded to by email because of security concerns. To have these concerns answered, you will need to contact HSBC Australia securely via the HSBC online platform or through any of the phone numbers provided by the bank.

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If you have a concern about private banking matters, then you can get in touch with HSBC Australia via their email address which is dedicated to dealing with personal banking matters. When you visit the HSBC Australia website, you will find a link that allows you to send your enquiry via an email. To send this email, you need to fill out an online form.

After receiving your enquiry, HSBC Australia will respond to it within two business days. If the enquiry is of an urgent nature, then you can contact HSBC Australia by dialing 1300 308 008.

There are also dedicated phone numbers that you can use if you have a concern regarding your personal banking account with the bank. If you would like information about new sales/products, then you need to dial the following helpline: 1300 308 008. This contact number is available Monday through Friday from eight in the morning to eight in the evening.


HSBC Bank phone number

If you are an existing account holder with HSBC, then you can contact the bank’s customer service by dialing 1300 308 008. All enquiries to this number should be made in English and this number is open twenty-four hours in the day. If you would like to speak in Cantonese or Mandarin, then dial this phone number 1300 309 388.

For enquiries on credit cards, you need to call HSBC helpline at 132 152, this number is available 24 hours in the day. Alternatively, you can dial +61 2 9005 8511. This number is available for those who are contacting the bank from an overseas location.

For HSBC Premier customer service, customers can reach HSBC phone number at 1300 301 168. Again, this number is operational all through the day and night, for overseas customers, call at +61 2 9005 8192.

For online banking and mobile payment services, you need to dial 1300 306 543, overseas customers can dial +61 2 9005 8421. Finally, for SMSF/Trust/Non-trading equity enquiries, you need to dial 1300 131 607 and overseas customers need to dial + 61 2 9005 8115.

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