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Honda Contact Numbers

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Honda is one of the leading automobile brands that operate within Australia. People who come across questions about this brand can think about reaching out to them via the Honda customer service number.

The primary method that can be used by people to get in touch with Honda customer support team is to use the inquiry form that can be found in their official website.

This inquiry form can be used to get assistance with all the products that Honda offers to the people in Australia. When submitting the form, the users will be asked to select the specific product, category and the sub category. You need to be careful when you are adding these information in order to get the best possible support from the team at the end of the day.

Or else, customers can think about reaching out to Honda Australia via the contact number that is mentioned on their official website. There are two different contact numbers, which have been assigned to provide help for the people who are calling from land numbers and mobile numbers. You should select the right number out of them and get in touch with Honda Australia.



Get in contact with Honda to ask for information and support. Honda Australia offers a form, which the customers can use in order to get assistance. When you have an inquiry to be asked from Honda Australia, you just need to fill out this form. Honda encourages people to use this inquiry form in order to get in touch with them through the initial request.

The inquiry you make will be forwarded into the right expertise team and you will be able to get a prompt answer. Therefore, any person who has questions related to products, services, spare parts or sales of Honda vehicles can think about using this form to get in touch with one of the Honda customer support representatives.

Customers can also think about visiting the head office to get to know about latest products that are offered. A phone number has also been mentioned in the official website of Honda Australia and people can think of using it in order to get in touch with them.

There are two different Honda phone numbers, which are available for the people who call from land lines and from mobile phones respectively. You can choose either phone number based on the method you use to call Honda Australia



Honda Australia address Locked Bag 95, Tullamarine VIC 3043. The Honda Australia head office is located in Victoria. Customers can also think about visiting the head office to get to know about latest products that are offered

Datos empresa
I had my car serviced at Northway Honda, they did the airbag recall modification at the same time. I am very unhappy with the work that was done. I did contact the dealer and they said I should go in which I did and they said I needed to speak to the service manager but they promised to call me. Again they failed to do anything so I went past the dealer hoping to resolve the issue but the service manager was to busy to talk to me. Can someone please contact me on 0488 037 024 to sort this out
I refer to your letter dated13/10/16 re airbag product safety recall. Your letter stated action was required by me. I took my car to Keema Bayside Honda before the end of October. Their service department noted my details and said they would call me shortly when they would attend to the safety recall. After a month or so having not heard from Keema Bayside Honda, I phoned 1800 789 839 ( the number mentioned in your recall letter ). Here I was told that Honda would book me in with a dealer and they would call me back in a few weeks and let me know when and where I should take my car to attend to the recall. Still no contact from Honda or a dealer so I phoned Honda customer service on 12/01/17. I registered my complaint and was told that someone would get the same day or the next (i.e. 13/01/17) . Still I wait. It is irresponsible of you have a recall campaign if you do not respond to your customer's bookings and phone calls. My car rego is 566 LND and Phone No is (07) 38215362. I wonder If you will ever get around to doing the required work . Is your non attendance to this work within a reasonable period of time compromising the safety of my car.