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Hitachi Australia is a company that manufactures various products ranging from home to business products such as air conditioners, laptops, consumer products as well as services like consulting services, mining services and logistics just to mention a few.

Hitachi offers a diverse range of products that are designed to suit the needs of homes and businesses. As a matter of fact, Hitachi provides products that include but are not limited to construction machines and commercial vehicles, in addition, Hitachi Australia also sells power tools and data storage systems. They are also well known in the audio and visual equipment field and among the other products sold by Hitachi one can include train components and equipment as well as digital presentation systems. Overall, Hitachi Australia is a leader when it comes to social infrastructure and industrial equipment.


How to Contact Hitachi Australia Customer Service

Hitachi Australia is also a company whose website is devoted to helping customers in Australia and New Zealand understand its operations. They are also keen on getting customer feedback and to ensure that customers are able to find information easily, Hitachi Australia has designed a very user-friendly website.

A visit to the Hitachi Australia website will enable to you find answers to common questions. If you do not find an answer to your questions, then you can message Hitachi Australia through their online form. Be sure to choose an appropriate subject of your message, each request will be for a single subject.

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In case you want to speak to a customer care representative of Hitachi Australia, then their customer support form is designed to enable customers from different parts of the world get an appropriate answer to their questions. The Customer Service Form will be sent to the Hitachi global office and from there it will be redirected to the relevant support area. It is also possible to speak to a Hitachi Australia customer representative. To speak to them, you will need to dial Hitachi telephone number at + 61 2 9888 4100. Alternatively, you can also contact Hitachi Australia by sending them an email that is addressed to press@hitachi.com.au for any query related to press matters.

In case you wish to use the Customer Support Form, then you have to provide some information. Start by selecting a relevant category which could be anything like Home Appliances, or Electronic Devices, or more. Next, select your product and then enter the subject of your message. After entering a subject for your request, you will need to provide complete details about your request. Remember that your message cannot exceed 4000 characters.

The next step is to mention a title and then enter your first and last name. you must also provide your email address and be sure confirm this address by entering it a second time. Next, select your country or region and then provide your phone number. If you are contacting Hitachi Australia on behalf of your company, then you must also provide your company name. after filling out all this information you are ready to submit your request. Just hit the CONFIRM button at the bottom of the form and you are ready to submit your message. Remember to provide as many details as you can, and then wait for Hitachi Australia to contact you quickly and appropriately.


Hitachi Contact Phone Number

To ensure that quality products and services are delivered to people across Australia on a daily basis, then the company has put in place a customer service team as well as a means by which customers can reach them through Hitachi phone number, call now at 1300 02 6239 1438 and this is the number specially dedicated to allowing customers to speak to a customer service agent about any issues they might be having concerning any of the products or services of Hitachi Australia.

The customer service helpline number of Hitachi Australia is available 24 hours for 7 days a week which makes them accessible at any time of the day thus increasing their capability to maintain a high quality standard for their products and services. Another means of contacting the customer service of Hitachi Australia is to fill their customer service form through which a customer can send them email about any feedback or complaints as the case may be.

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