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Need to contact with Hisense Australia?

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As the technology is evolving, a new device is introduced in the market. Hisense Australia has been providing their customers with the latest devices. All you have to do is name the product and they will present it in front of you. However, there might come a time when you will be facing some issues with their services or you want to know more about their products.

Hisense Customer Support

In order to make sure that all the customers can easily contact the support team, they are available on all media sites. You can use one of the following methods:

Contact channels: you can call the customer support team of Hisense Australia at:

  • 1 800 447 367 for general enquiries
  • 1 800 447 367 for customer support
  • 03 9765 8800 for media questions

Email: you can send them an Email for quick services at service.au@hisense.com

They are available for your services 24/7. Hisense Australia support team will make sure to meet all your requirements.



Hisense is an electronics and while goods manufacturer that is based in China. In 2006, they expended their services to Australia and that’s how Hisense Australia was started. The main objective of Hisense Australia is to introduce a complete range of Hisense products for the use of people in Australia.

Hisense Australia distributes the products that are manufactured in China through regional outlets and Australian retailers across the country. In addition, they have paid special attention towards research and development activities within Australia as well.

Hisense Australia is planning to offer a variety of consumer electronic products for the people in Australia. Hisense Australia includes televisions, refrigerators, communication devices, air conditions and washing machines. Hisense Australia has been able to create a potential customer base by offering a quality service throughout the past few years. At the moment, they are experiencing a rapid growth, which can take them to a whole new level.

Apart from selling consumer electronics, Hisense Australia has paid attention towards sustainability and e-waste as well. In fact, Hisense is looking forward to preserve the environment and make it a better place for future generations. In order to achieve that objective, they are developing innovative products as well.

Datos empresa
morning ive got an old aircon HAC91R would you be able to tell me how many KW the unit is thanks