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Contact with Heritage Bank Customer Service

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Heritage Bank is a banking company with the promise to make a people first difference. They provide everything from banking to loans, and insurance. Whenever dealing with a bank there are bound to be times when you have questions. Here is how you can get answers by contacting Heritage Bank.

Heritage Bank Australia is proud to be called the largest bank in Australia that is owned by its own customers. Heritage Bank Australia is not a new bank and in fact it was established way back in 1875. Since then, Heritage Bank Australia has been helping Australians realize their financial dreams, and in addition, it has also played a pivotal role in helping people enrich their lives.

Heritage Bank Australia is different than regular banks because it is owned by its customers. This means Heritage Bank Australia is a more independent bank. Unlike conventional banks whose sole purpose is to make huge profits, Heritage Bank Australia is focused on putting its customers first.

heritage bank phone number

Heritage Bank operates a contact centre for customer service out of Queensland. You can reach the contact centre by calling 13 14 22. This Heritage Bank phone number will allow you to get near immediate over the phone assistance and ask for information and support about financial products, your bank accounts and much more

While you can use the mobile banking app to cancel lost or stolen cards you can also call Heritage Bank contact number 1800 076 037. Also you can also cancel these cards from the internet banking website on your computer.

If you need to make any transaction with your account, you can reach Heritage Bank telephone banking call 13 14 72.


Heritage Bank Customer Care Services

There are several ways to get in touch with Heritage Bank Australia. The simplest option is to visit the Heritage Bank Australia website where you can fill out a form that when submitted will get you a quick and responsible response in a very short time. In order to fill this form up, you will need to provide your full name and daytime phone contact number. Be sure to provide your area code when providing your daytime phone number. Next, enter your email address and then if you have a customer number, you will need to provide that as well. 

Once this information has been entered, you will then need to provide some more information in the form of an enquiry type. This could be anything from your savings account to credit cards, or anything else that you wish to ask from the bank. The last piece of information that you will need to provide is of course a detailed description about what your enquiry or question is. Once this information has been provided, you can click the SEND button at the bottom of the form. A quick response is assured.

If you prefer speaking with a customer care representative of the Heritage Bank Australia, then you can call 13 14 22 from Australia. Overseas clients can dial +61 7 4690 9000. This dedicated number operates from half past seven in the morning till seven in the evening AEST Monday through Saturday.

If you want to email the Heritage Bank Australia, then you can address your query to info@heritatge.com.au. To speak to someone at the Heritage Bank Australia, you can also dial their telephone banking number which is 13 14 72. Customers can also fax their queries to the Heritage Bank Australia by sending a fax message (loans) to (07) 4694 9783. For other accounts, you can send your fax to (07) 4694 9782.


Heritage Bank Helplines

If your card has been lost or stolen, then you need to. Log into your Heritage online Internet Banking account or you can use their mobile banking app to deactivate your lost or stolen card. To do this, you will need to go to the SERVICES menu on Internet banking or you can also achieve your goal by going to MANAGE CARDS on your mobile app. Alternatively, you can also achieve your goal by calling 1800 076 037 for customers in Australia or overseas customers can dial +61 7 4694 9139.

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my mother needs to close her heritage bank account but the branch is close, please ring me 0283422391