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Henkel Australia Contact Numbers

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p>Beauty and brands are one of the major concerns of the girls. This is the reason Henkel Australia has been providing the best products, brands, and beauty products. They have been providing the best services to Henkel customers and this is the reason that they have several national and international customers.

In order to make sure, that the customers will get the best services and solutions to their issues Henkel Australia has managed the best customer support team. When you need to get in direct contact with the customer's services make sure that you call Henkel at 1300 88 555 6 or send them a fax at +61 3 9761 4539. They will provide you a fast response.

You are also allowed to visit Henkel office or send them a mail at the address of their head office at 135 – 141 Canterbury Rd. Kilsyth Vic 3137. You have specially developed a Henkel contact us page where you can get the help from experts.

Henkel Australia support team will meet all your requirements. Make sure you contact Henkel as soon as possible.



Henkel Australia is actually a branch of a German company that has its headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was founded by Fritz Henkel, a German scientist over some 135 years ago and the company is into production of both consumer and industrial goods such as beauty care products, laundry and cleaning products as well as adhesives and sealants.

Henkel is worth about 24 billion dollars with about 50,000 people employed as staff across the various countries where the company operates. Henkel has various brands but the most popular is the Persil brand which was actually introduced about 100 years ago and since then it has expanded into various regions of the world.

Persil is the first commercial laundry detergent because of the company’s emphasis on sustainable development, this has allowed the brand to keep growing stronger as well as other brands owned by the company. Henkel ensures that with each passing year, less waste products are released from its production process in a bid to protect the environment and ensure maximum utilization of resources.

In order to attend well to customers, the company has put in place an excellent customer service where one can find out more information about their products. Henk Australia also have a contact us option on their page which contains a Henkel phone number that people can reach them on.

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