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Gotalk Contact Customer Service

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Gotalk Australia is a telephone communication services provider. It provides prepaid mobile and wireless broadband services in Australia offering prepaid mobile plans, prepaid mobile SIM cards, talk and recharge top-up vouchers, including special offers, add-ons, and customer rewards.

It is an Australian Public Company registered in February 2000. Gotalk other range of services and products include gotalk Global Travel SIM, Prepaid roaming SIM which offers low call rates on calls made while abroad with the capability to conveniently recharge online worldwide. It also provides goCall over 3G and Wi-Fi and offers subscribers low-cost data using Smartphone application as well as offer cordless prepaid landline product called Ezichat, with the base station and phone card.

Gotalk Australia has its head office in Sydney with Mr. Stephen Frank Picton as CEO. The company has approximately 200 employees and makes more than $100 million in revenue. Gotalk Australia has also been involved in strategic management activities over the years that have been responsible for its feat today.



The company has been through acquisitions and mergers history with a view to being able to pursue its growth plan to meet up to the expectation of its subscribers and investors. Gotalk continues to offer competitive telecommunication services and products to its customers. For inquiries contact gotalk customer service on Gotalk phone number.

I keep trying to text my friend in the UK. Her mobile number is : 0011447913291146, when I send a text it seems to goes through , yet my friend in the UK does not receive the text. I have tried several times without success. When I was with Telstar I never, ever had any such trouble using same mobile number, Why are my text messages not been received in the UK when sent with GOTALK . Thank you Regards E Hollands
i tray to recharge and don't wark it what number i have to coll please sent me that number ok
Hello ...Good day. Where can i find my sim number in gotalk?can u help me please. Thank you
I cant find a phone number to retrieve my call card as I have over hundred dollars and need to transfer this to a new phone number