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Go Via Contact Customer Care

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GOVIA Australia is a company established to oversee toll payments and is located in Queensland Australia. It was established in 2009 as a division of Queensland Motorways Corporations. Go Via Australia caters to a large number of customers and there is bound to be issues or problems once in a while that may warrant customers getting in touch with the company.

This is why a customer support department was created to cater to questions, requests, and complaints of customers. This article is to bring together in one place, the various ways to contact Go Via customer support team.

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Contact Go Via Customer Support Via Phone Call

To get in touch with Go Via customer service through phone call, you can call any of the two helplines; 07 3323 0003 and 13 33 31. These phone lines are available every day between 7 am and 7 pm. You can have any problems or issues resolved with a single phone call. In addition to these helplines, there are more than 500 Go Via customer service outlets all over Australia which customers can walk at any time to have their issues resolved.

For customers calling from outside Australia, call Govia contact number at +61 7318 22 700 or to get in touch with Go Via through post office, you can write an email and send to the following address, PO Box, 2615, Mansfield QLD 4122.


Contact Go Via Customer Support via Email

To have any issues resolved or to make inquiries and ask questions, you can send a mail to Go Via Australia through the following email address, enquiries@govia.com.au. Go Via Australia customer support also keeps their customers updated about services rendered by the company. The company also has a lot of toll payment and repayment options, so customers are given a wide range of options. By making use of any of the customer support contact information, customers can avail all the options and get whatever help they require.

You can also fill out the customer form on the Go Via website by visiting their site, through this link, you can select the right option that suits you. You will be required to submit details like Full Name, email address or phone number and a message describing your request or inquiry.


GOVIA Customer Service

Go-Via is a toll payment system that is found in the Queensland area of Australia and it is responsible for free-flow tolling in that area. It is actually a division of Queensland Motorways Corporation and was created in the year 2009. Anticipating the fact that people might experience problems or some form of issues and this has brought about the existence of a customer service team.

Go Via customer service helpline numbers are 0)7- 3323-0003 and 13 33 31 and it is available from 7am to 7pm everyday each week meaning customers can call at any time and be attended to. Once customers have complaints or enquiries to make, then any of the two afore-mentioned numbers are the ones to call so that the issues can be resolved. In addition to the customer service helpline number, Go-Via has about six hundred customer service outlets across Australia thus allowing them to provide excellent service to their customers.

The customer service of Go-Via also provides customers with regular updates about the services of the company. Apart from calling the helpline number, the customer service of Go-Via can be contacted by sending them a mail through their email address which is enquiries@govia.com.au Govia is Queensland's leading toll repayment provider, with a variety of toll repayment options to match all motorists, it doesn't matter how often you travel.

Datos empresa
Where is the office address in local area at logan
Very good service; lovely young helper, a bit difficult to understand but was most helpful.
I found it incredibly hard to just pay a simple toll. Up to the north coast and back. Could not find on your site anywhere to pay with opening an account or or buying a pass. A couple of years ago it was so simple. Now so complicated. When I spat the dummy and called the133331 no. I got an Indian I could barely understand. Then the amount of Questions was ridiculous. A very unenjoyable experience, get your act together. Frank Rayner . I ,
can I use my go via on another car
Bought new car ,used old tag on new car .Did not hear it beep in Legacy tunnel on Sunday ,number is jvm50.Do I wait to hear or is there a number I should ring.
Just had the same experience as Frank Rayner . Really angry why is every thing so difficult Only went to airport and back have no use for toll account or tag. Just want to pay $6.00 Or what ever fee is. On the 20/6/2018 i went on Logan motorway .. couple of days later Paid $6.00. No problems.