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Contact with Gillette Customer Service team

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Gillette is owned by Proctor & Gamble, abbreviated as P&G, a multinational consumer goods company, and is a brand of personal care products for men, including safety razors and shaving supplies. Gillette’s first safety razor with a disposable blade was first available for purchase in 1903. Gillette Australia is a maker of men’s personal care products that started operations in 1901.

Gillette is the company whose mission is to innovate and help men look and feel their best. Gillette is the brainchild of its founder King C. Gillette and in the hundred or so years of its existence, it has gone to great lengths to bring every man the best shave in the world.

According to King C. Gillette, the company will stop making razors when it can’t make them any better. The first razor made by Gillette was truly revolutionary as it was the first disposable blade that was followed by an improved version some two decade later.



If you wish to contact Gillette Australia, you can either call the company on the phone or send them an email message. The nice thing about contacting Gillette is the company is very careful about how to use customer’s personal information. It is very easy to send an email to Gillette. All you need to do is visit the Gillette website where in the Contact Us page, you can click on the email icon. Once you do that, you will be taken to a new page where you can compose and send your email message.

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The first piece of information required by Gillette when sending it an email message is the reason for writing to the company. There are several options available to you including sending a testimonial, asking a question, product availability/ where to buy a product, reporting a problem and coupons, promotions. Once you have chosen a reason for writing you can then compose the body of your email.

Next, provide your first and last name and then enter your email address. After completing all these steps, you are ready to attach a file, if required. To send your email message, simply click on the SEND Button and your email message will be delivered to Gillette. The company will get back to you in a short period.

If you prefer speaking with a customer representative, then you can pick up the phone and speak to them by dialing Gillette phone number at 1800 641 820. This helpline number operates from nine in the morning till six in the evening from Monday through Friday. Alternatively, you can also call 612-88640-5000 to speak with a customer service representative of Gillette. This is the Gillette phone number in Australia and can be used to get answers to your questions and queries.

So, all you need to do to contact Gillette is to use their helpline number which will put you in touch with a member of their customer service. This is the dedicated phone number that you can call for any questions or concerns that you may have with regard to your Dell product or service. Whether you are a domestic customer, or a small or medium business client, contact Gillette customer service during their opening hours for any assistance that you need.

Aside from giving the Gillette customer service a call, there are some other ways that you can do to make an enquiry. You can enquire using the company’s website, or by completing their email contact form.

My email is diane_inman@amp.com.au My husband love the Gillette GEL Deodorant Arctic Ice or Cool BUT I have been unable to purchase. Can you tell me where in Sydney I can obtain? Appreciate your update. Kind Regards Diane Inman
Today I opened a pack of fusion razors as I have used these for a number of years and was disappointed to find using the blade appear to be blunt and drag across my skin causing pain and discomfort. I have the remaining blades still in pack which l would be happy to return. My phone number is 0401700820. Regards Alan
The latest Gillette Mach 3 razors are blunt and took my skin off. Very unhappy.
have been using gillette blades for a long time and usually get just over one month per blade but the t\last 8 pack that i have purchase seem blunt from the start and 4 blades have only lasted 3-4 blades was has happened to the good old ones i'm better of buying disposable blades or buying an electric shaver .
Please contact me on 0404045835, regarding a faulty product.