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General Electric Customer Service phone numbers

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General Electric Australia focuses on inventing and delivering innovative technologies that people in Australia need in order to make their day to day lives more convenient.

GE is also engaged in the process of fostering the economic growth of the country while creating customer value. General Electric has also expanded its services to its neighboring country New Zealand as well. GE was established back in 1896 and the headquarters of it is located in Brisbane, It has got more than 6,000 employees at the moment, who are working for more than 180 sites across the world.

On the other hand, they have launched 11 different large scale research projects at the moment, with the objective of discovering new technologies that can contribute towards the betterment of human beings. These research projects span across multiple industries such as energy, healthcare and aviation. If you can contact us via the mentioned General Electric phone number, they will be able to provide more information about General Electric to you.

With the evolving as the world is, evolving the General Electric Australia is providing the best solutions to their customers. They are turning everything quick so that the requirements of the customers can be properly met.


General electric headquarters phone number

If you want to know that how the General Electric Australia can turn your business high-tech with the software intelligence or how they can help you get connected with the world use their customer service. They will maintain a friendly environment so you can easily discuss everything.

Customers who wish to speak with Ge may call general electric headquarters phone number at 61 404 008 312

You can send them a mail or visit their head office at 20/99 Walker St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

GE Contact us: for information about their products and other services you can visit the contact us page. General Electric Australia is changing the response rate of every business, they will help you to get the best results and increased productivity.

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Thought you may be interested in my news.... I bought a General Electric twin tub washing machine in 1982 ...and I am still using it at least twice a week Apart from a couple of water pumps, new hose and belt it is still functioning perfectly 36 years later.
23760 TU P2/11 EME Q800T3/4CL 240V MIH I need above lamps 20 pcs