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Fujifilm Customer Service contacts

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Fujifilm Australia leads the industry when it comes to distributing imaging equipment and services to the photographic and medical as well as graphic markets in Australia. In fact, Fujifilm has constantly been striving to develop the very best technologies and is a leader in the field of imaging and information culture.

Fujifilm Australia began operating in the country in the year 2004 though it has previously been involved in solely distributing FUJIFILM Products in the country since 1954. The company aims to invent the future for their customers through diversification as well as through constant challenges to the status quo.



If you are looking to get in touch with Fujifilm Australia, you have two options, the first is to call their helpline number 1800 226 335 and the second option is to complete one of their web forms. As soon as you submit your completed web form, Fujifilm will ask one of its customer care representatives to get in touch with you at the earliest.

Also you can contact Fujifilm in any of the numerous offices spread across Australia in cities like Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. In addition, it also has offices in New Zealand and more particularly in Auckland.

If you have an enquiry about digital cameras, then you can get in touch with Fujifilm Australia through its dedicated web form. Alternatively, you can also speak to a customer care representative by dialing Fujifilm contact number 1800 226 335.

If your enquiry relates to graphic systems, then you can get in touch with Fujifilm Australia by dialing 1300 650 504. Alternatively, it is also possible to get an answer by completing and submitting a dedicated web form.

For enquiries related to Fujifilm solutions in your store, you can get in touch with a Fujifilm Australia retail innovation representative by completing a dedicated web form. If, however, you have an enquiry related to Digital signage, then you can call the sales Fujifilm helpline at 61 419 770 614 or you can even email the company at fujivision@fujifilm.com.au. A third way to get in touch with the company is by submitting an online web form at the website of the company.

For enquiries related to medical systems, you can get in touch with Fujifilm Australia by dialing 1800 060 209. Alternatively, you can also get your questions and queries answered by submitting a web form which you can find at the website under medical enquiries.

If your query relates to account orders, you can get in touch with the company by dialing the following phone numbers: 61 1800 226 335, 61 2 9466 2900. You can also send an email to the company at orders@fujifilm.com.au. If you are contacting the company in New Zealand, then you can call 64 9 414 0400.



Customers who want to contact Fujifilm Australia customer service can do so using the following contact channels: telephone numbers, email, fax and contact us page and according to the purpose of reaching them.

For general inquiries, customers calling the Australia office can use the phone numbers: +61 2 9466 2600, Fax +61 2 9938 1975, or email Sydney@fujifilm.com.au; to call New Zealand office call +64 9 414 0400 or fax +64 9 414 0410.

  • For Press media inquiries regarding consumer products, call Deidre McAlinden is 0417 758 432 or send an email to deidre.mcalinden@bigpond.com.au.
  • Commercial solutions related media inquiries to call Nadine Lafleur on 02 9466 2600 or send an email to media@fujifilm.com.au.
  • For service and parts inquiries, the following numbers are available: 3 9221 4200
  • For Australia service help desk call the following numbers: 1800 226 355 or 1800 226 355
  • Support/Helpdesk call 1800 060 209

For New Zealand, all services inquiries call +64 9 414 0400. Other inquiries contacts are available including a digital camera, recording media, Fujinon, and account orders. For feedback, interested customers can use the online feedback form, located here. Fujifilm Australia provides adequate contact information for customers wanting to make inquiries and do business with them, just head to the contact page to get detail information.

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