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Ford Australia Contact Numbers details

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Ford australia contact number is available for customer need a quick response from Ford Australia. Customer care service is available from Monday to Friday.

To name but a few, we have the: Ford Anglia, Ford Escort, and the Ford Laser. Ford Australia offers fantastic customer support, a user-friendly website, efficient contact us services, numerous Ford phone number services, and amazing value for money.

The Ford motor company of Australia, also known simply as Ford Australia, is an Australian subsidiary of Ford USA. Founded back in 1925, in Geelong, Victoria, the company is responsible for some of the most popular Ford motor vehicles ever created.

Ford is a leading automobile manufacturer in the world and to serve its diverse customers all over the world in different customers, the company has made it a culture to have an effective and professional customer support team. Ford Australia is a division of the company that caters for customers in Australia and they have a responsive customer support service.

Ford Australia customer service is available on weekdays and there are various ways through which customers can get in touch with the customer support team of Ford Australia. This article will be highlighting all of those ways and just maybe anyone who needs to contact Ford Australia customer support can get the right information that will help them in this article.



Ford Australia promotes self-help for all their customers who have concerns related to the services offered. In the contact us page, customer can find all the FAQ (or also known frequently asked questions) along with the solutions.

It is possible for the customers to go through these solutions and figure out the answers on their own. If the answer to a specific question cannot be found, the customers can think about contacting Ford Australia.

The email help service is available from Monday to Friday and all the drafted emails would be answered within a period of 24 hours. Ford Australia offers an excellent roadside assistance service as well. It is available for the people from Monday to Friday at any given time of the day. Along with that, you will be able to find the phone line customer support of Ford Australia, which is available throughout the day.

Ford Australia is well-known for the offer that is provided to the customers over the phone as well. Over Ford phone customer service is available at any given time of the day as well. The customers will also be able to use the mail in order to receive assistance. The address is mentioned on their website for the convenience of customers.



To get in touch with Ford Australia customer service, call this number, 133673. Customers can also access help by themselves by visiting the “Contact Us” page on Ford Australia website, on this page, there are frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to these questions. These questions are questions that have been asked by customers in the past and there is the possibility that the questions you have, have been answered in the FAQ section. If your question is however not listed, you can then go ahead and call the Ford Australia customer support phone number on 133 673.

Contact Ford Australia via Email: Right on the website through the “Contact Us” page, customers can get in touch with Ford Australia customer support via email. By visiting this link, , customers can fill out a contact form where they will required to provide information such as full name, phone number, email address, message containing enquiry or compliant. Once the form has been filled and submitted, a customer support representative will respond via email within 24 hours. Emails are responded to only on week days.

Contact Ford Australia Customer Support via Social Media : Social media is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with popular brands these days and Ford Australia customer service department runs active social media accounts on all of the popular social media platforms. Customers can send them a message or mention them on Facebook, you can tweet at them on Twitter and even send them a direct message on Instagram. Below are the links through which you can contact Ford Australia on social media

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We have a brand new GT Mustang with 4,000km on the clock - and the wheel bearing has collapsed. It's been at the dealers since Dec 12 and they are saying they won't get a part until Dec 28. We can get one out of the U.S. with FedEx in 3 days. To add insult to injury you've put the driver in a hired Mitsubishi - from a V8 Mustang to a Mitsibushi - not even a Ford That's pathetic service ! No wonder you're closing down ! Unfortunately for you the driver is our IT Manager and so I have authorised an email be sent to all 11,600 clients tonight telling them the story Merry Christmas ! Kingsley Mundey kmundey@iasdas.com.au
I own a Ford Eco Sport, my car had 12000 klm, on clock and was 13 months old, my automatic transmission failed, I needed to get car towed to the dealership that I purchased the car, on inspection Ford claimed the car was in a flood and as its my fault its not under warranty, at no time has my car been in a flood, actually where I live-Sunshine Coast, we have had very little rain, Ford replaced the clutch-a common problem -it was shuddering tree months earlier, I put it to Ford that when they replaced the clutch it was not sealed correctly at the time because after the transmission was replaced the car developed an oil leak, and was replaced-at Fords expense I had to pay $4500.00 to get my car back, when I rang Ford many times in the end I was told the case is closed, I asked to speak to the person who said they refuse to cover, and was told I cannot, so much for service, I do intend to go further with this as I do not like being called a liar, I also emailed them and after 5 weeks, not an answer, wow what a great mob and yet the C.E.O was in Australia in late December, and commented how they value their customers.=I do not think so
I own a Ford PX Ranger XLS 3.2l 6spd 2015 model. This is an email sent to Australian Customer Service GM Stephen Cruk. I have had no response from himself. Good morning Stephen, I am making an Official Complaint to the Principal of Titan Ford, MID COAST FORD TAREE Principal and yourself with the problems im having with my Vehicle, Ford Ranger XLS PX 4x4 2015, and the treatment of MID COAST FORD TAREE SERVICE MECHANIC. I've had my car into Ford Service Forster for a Warranty Claim with a Clutch Problem, I dealt with Justin who was the Service Manager and 100% have trust in his work. This Ford Service is now closed. I've been now having to deal with Mid Coast Ford in Taree, who also had their name on Forster's Ford Dealership, this is where the start of my problems started. Firstly, I rang in regard to , again, Clutch Shudder and Clunking noise when changing Gears. I was told by the Service Centre Mechanic that this is normal, it's the Dual Mass Flywheel ( PX Ranger is Single Mass) and don't worry about it, by his answer you could tell he had heard this complaint numerous times. This problem has continued and progressivly getting worse. Each time I've rung Mid Coast Ford Service Centre I hear the same answer. My Vehicle is still inside Warranty and has only 28,000 on the Odometer. Secondly, I've had a Engine Warning light come on, pulled over straight away as vehicle went straight into limp mode. I rang Mid Coast Ford Service Centre and spoke to a male, his response was "give it 10 minutes then start car and it should be gone" I asked why it can on in the first place, it's just a wiring problem was the answer, this has now happened a total of 4 times. Thirdly, last week I was cleaning my car and passenger side front under carpet, which was damp and why I looked further, was soaking wet as like a towel pulled out of a full bath. Rang ford and booked in last Friday to be looked at. I had just left Tuncurry to go to Taree, clutch shudder and clunk continuing, and engine light came on again. This happened 3 more times in less than 10kms. Rang Ford Service Centre Taree and got same answer as before. Then was asked as to why I was late. That's when I made my decision to limp home and park it up. Wednesday this week I have a Specialist Surgeon Appointment I've got to attend and cannot cancel for another time whatsoever and have no Transport to attend due to this situation. This is why I am writing this Complaint to both Titan Ford Principal Mid Coast Ford Principal and also Australian Customer Service GM, yourself, Mr Stephen Cruk, these letters will be sent, if no response to emails, by registered post so as each person has to sign for them and a response is requested within 7 Days from today's date 21/7/2017. Under the Australian Consumer Law section 54/2 , vehicle is not of acceptable quality and under same Law am entitled to have vehicle fixed to my satisfaction or a full refund as per ACL under section 243-d. I'm happy to resolve this by fixing water ingress and replacing under carpet insulation and interior carpet. Clutch replaced with Single Mass Flywheel Heavy Duty Clutch of choice. I refuse to deal with any Dealership and especially Mid Coast Ford. My Ranger is my pride and joy and is kept in showroom condition and Serviced by Ford. Please contact myself at any time in regard to the above mentioned on my mobile 04######## Kind regards Paul Hartman Since this email was sent, I also sent Emails to the Principals of the above mentioned. Titan can't help in anyway they said but give us a call if there's anything we can do. ??? Strange answer. Mid Coast Ford have told me to bring the vehicle in and we will have a look, but we won't be using anything but Ford Parts. Not even at my expense will they help. also telling me the people Id spoken to had been given the "Don't come Monday" deal. So much for Warranty when they know full well these clutch systems are failing all over the place, any Ford Forum you read confirms this. Yes, they will fix it with the same parts, but can almost guarantee it will fail again probably just out of Warranty. Warranty and Customer Satisfaction must have been lost with Common Sense. A Solicitor is writing a formal Letter of Complaint to Ford Australia CEO and all above mentioned via registered postage. Last Ford I will ever buy and with Social Media won't take long for News to travel of this.
I'd like to know why I can purchase a brand new Ranger for 55k in Melbourne and 67k in Sydney?