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Finnair Customer Care contact options

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One of Finnair most amazing services however lies in Helsinki. Finnair is one of the airlines that offer the fastest transferring services at the Helsinki Airport. It is fast and convenient and not transfer has ever taken more than 35 minutes. All transfers occur within the same terminal and there are comfortable Finnair lounges for passengers to wait, in both the Schengen and non-Schengen areas.



Finnair Airlines provides different means for customers to contact them using Chat, Social media, telephone, and contact us page as well as email. Customers can contact Finnair Airlines during business hours Monday through Friday between 8 am and 6 pm.

Customers wanting to contact Finnair Airlines have to select the appropriate office location by selecting in the Country Tab on the client service contact us page on its website here.

  • For the Finnair office, the phone number to call is 1300 132 944
  • For online support, the number to call is +358 9 818 1611 Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–8 p.m., Sat–Sun 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • To make a complaint or give feedback, Finnair Airlines recommend contacting the Customer Relations team using the web contact form here. Fill out your detail in the form and submit
  •  Using the web form guarantees a faster response to your inquiries than using email or phone contact.
  • If you prefer to call or send email, here is the contact detail: +358 9 818 7707 and uk.cr@finniar.com. For passengers with physical disabilities or reduced mobility, Finnair Airlines provides the following contact information to communicate with the customer service for assistance; the support requires should be forwarded within 48 hours before the departure for proper handling of your case: +358 9 818 0800.

Customers contacting Finnair Airlines customer service by phone should note that local network charges/mobile call charges may apply.

Air transport has become a necessity for everyone in the entire world, but especially for those living in Europe and Asia. Even though these two continents are linked to each other, the thousands of miles do not always make all the countries equally accessible to everyone. Many people still fail to cross the borders in a safe and affordable way to visit friends and loved ones.

Luckily Finnair has seen this problem and identified it as an opportunity to bring high quality airfare to the citizens of Europe and Asia in an extremely affordable manner. Finnair is an airfare company that specialises in creating incredibly fast routes between all the major airports in Asia and Europe.



Numerous awards have been given to Finnair for its incredible customer service and creative ways of overcoming aero-obstacles. Finnair Australia have been the only Nordic airline with a 4-star Skytrax rating since 2009, they have been awarded the Best Airline in Northern Europe Award for a few years in a row, and they have received the award for being the best European airline of 2014, sponsored by the acclaimed TTG Travel Awards.

Finnair truly is the airline of the people with outstanding service delivery in business and economy class. If you fly with Finnair you can be guaranteed that you will have an excellent time and what’s more is that you will be duly rewarded for your loyalty. If you need to contact Finnair you can reach Finnair helpline to get connected to customer service department

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My wife and I have 10000 Finnair plus points and wondered whether or not we can use to offset a flight to Europe in June with Finnair or with Qantas.If we can how do we go about it.