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Fetch TV Assistance

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Fetch TV Australia is one of the key players in the Australian subscription TV scene. They deliver a subscription television service over a user's regular internet service, and their vision is to make TV better for their subscribers. Launched in 2010, Fetch TV enjoys the backing of one of Asia's leading pay-TV providers, Austro All Asia Networks.

They deliver over 35 channels and other features such as video on demand, pay per view movies, web applications and a mobile app. The headquarters of Fetch TV Australia is situated in Pymble, Sydney.

Fetch TV Australia made it abundantly clear it does not operate a customer support services. However, it provides an email contact for the public to communicate with it for various information needs. Existing customers with Fetch TV Australia account are to contact their internet service provider to resolve any service issue; this is because Fetch TV Australia does not maintain individual customers account and the ISP will be in the best position to help existing customers resolve their complaints.

Customers using this facility will need to log in using their login details and resolve their problems online. Customers wanting to address various complaints and leave a comment should follow the advice of Fetch TV Australia for the best customer experience.

More information can be obtained at the Fetch TV Australia online facility to help the client understand how to resolve their problems. Some of the facilities on the website include Support information and User Guides that provides customers with additional information. Customers can also use the Frequently Asked Questions on the Support information section get more information about Fetch TV Australia services.



Since phone calls are one of the most preferred ways of getting in touch with Fetch customer service of any company, many Australians have also desired to be able to contact Fetch TV Australia via phone call. However, all of such efforts have been unsuccessful. The reason is that Fetch TV Australia does not have a phone number dedicated to customer service representatives.

Fetch TV states on their website that they cannot connect with customers as they do not operate a customer call center. Therefore, if you want to contact Fetch TV, you can easily do that through the alternate channels they have provided and disregard any Fetch TV phone number you see online. You can send all your inquiries to this email address contactus@fetchtv.com.au. Please note that this email is only for inquiries and not for customer support.

If you have issues you want to be resolved and you are an existing customer with a Fetch account with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can contact your Fetch Service provider. Unlike Fetch, they have your account information and can help you with it.

However, if you have issues you want to be resolved and you're an existing customer that purchased the Fetch box from an authorized retailer, Fetch can provide you with the assistance you need if you have a direct account with them. All you need to do is go Fetch site log in using your username and your password and follow the online troubleshooting process. Please note that this is the only channel Fetch TV has designated to handle all customer support needs.

If you have questions about the service, you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website using this link. You will find several guides that provide directions on how to use the service. Examples of the guides are mini quick start guide, mini user guide, multi-room user guide, mobile app guide, Wi-Fi user guide, mighty and mini YouTube user guide, power line adapter guide, etc.



Fetch TV Australia does not operate a customer call center and cannot be contacted by phone. However, clear directives about how to resolve customer related issues are given on its website under the “Fetch contact us” page.

Existing customers holding a Fetch TV account are to contact their internet service provider for any issue they have because Fetch TV Australia does not have access to an individual customer account, rather the ISP is in best the position to help. For all other inquiries, Fetch TV Australia provides the email address: contactus@fetchtv.com.au for clients to submit their problems for resolution. Customers are to note that the email address is not a Fetch TV customer service contact. For appropriate action in dealing with their clients’ inquiries, the earlier information should be followed.



Many Australians see the social media as a great channel to get hold of the companies that interest them. However, Fetch TV Australia does not have a social media presence and cannot be reached on any social media platform. This restricts their customer service to the few options stated on their website.

Datos empresa
I whant to change account details .
I don’t know. How to pay fetch account.
Could someone please call me asap as for weeks I can only use one box with fetch as soon as I turn on my second one it’s telling me I am using to many I have two screens and can only use one not bloody happy as I am paying for two even if I turn one off no different I need you to call ASAP 0426109431
I have been waiting since the 30 th May to be connected. I understand that the people I’m talking to say they don’t know why. Now I’m asking why not, I feel disrespected. I don’t get upset easily as I am a manager of an international company, enough is enough. If your unable to resolve this problem let me know today, as I can go elsewhere. I have 2 sons and would like them to watch their programs. You say you are going to call and you don’t, commitment is important to me, Please call today. Thank you Jayne Young
Trying to add a new credit card Cannot log in
Want to know how set my fetch box up if someone to call back please on 0405614306
Could I get a call back on 0420466570
I’m not impressed with Fetch I’m just trying to find a number so I can talk to someone
Can somebody please call me back ASAP 0423263636
I can't sign in to any of the channels. Activation codes don't work. No phone number for help. Getting pretty angry about it. Someone phone me back or this Fetch box is ridiculous 0497473103