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Europcar Contact Customer Service Options

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Europcar Australia is a renowned worldwide leader in the rental of cars, trucks and vans. Europcar makes it easy for you to hire your vehicle for leisure as well as business trips, and whether you want to hire a commercial vehicle or Utes, there are over a hundred locations in Australia from which to choose your vehicle.

With more than six decades of experience, Europcar is your best bet for economy and four-wheel drive vehicles. With branches in major cities, Europcar is the first choice of people looking for quality service and best vehicles.

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Europcar Customer Service phone number

To get in touch with Europcar, you need to pick from one of the following options: phone or email. If you prefer speaking to a customer service representative, then you can call the Europcar helpline number 1300 13 13 90 which is open 24 hours per day and for seven days per week. You can call this number for both pre-hire queries as well as post hire queries.

So, before hiring your vehicle you can get in touch with Europcar to find out more about reservations and quote enquiries. Also, if you have any questions regarding their products and services, this is the number to call. The same goes when you have queries related to post hire like for billing and collections, and the like.

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Another way of getting in touch with Europcar is through email. For pre-hire queries you can send an email to info@europacar.com.au. When sending your email, make sure you clear state what your query is and provide this information in the email header. Next, be sure to provide all relevant details so that the customer care representative can answer your query correctly and in a timely manner. Mostly, Europcar will get back to you within a day after you have sent your query. However, you cannot send an email to this address to obtain a quote.

There is also another email id that you will need to use when contacting Europcar for post hire queries such as those related to billing and collections. Send your email to customer-relations@europacar.com.au and be sure to mention clearly in the header what your query is. Also, in the body of your email message, provide as many details as you can, including reservation number and driver ID, if possible. Mostly, you can expect your query to be resolved within a week’s time.

For post hire queries on the phone, you will need to dial Europcar phone number at 1300 72 00 55. Also, your post hire queries will be responded to while the office is open. This means you need to contact Europcar Australia between seven in the morning and eight at night AEST from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the office remains open between seven in the morning and four in the evening AEST. The office remains closed on Sunday.

Besides using the phone numbers and email addresses, you can also visit the website of Europcar and check out their FAQs pages to find answers to commonly asked questions. Europcar also has call centers in many parts of the world, for those residing in the Australia, Europcar offers customer service phone numbers for pre-hire inquiries and post hire inquiries, also it offers an email address for reservations, reservationsuk@europcar.com, and an email address for general inquiries, customerservicesuk@europcar.com.

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