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Estee Lauder Australia contact details

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Estee Lauder was very young when she was attracted by face creams. Her early memories were all about how her mom groomed herself. She was fascinated by her mother as she applied rich creams on her face and hands. Her mother explained that this would help keep her skin looking soft and smooth. Is it any wonder that her brand became synonymous with beauty? Estee Lauder has transformed a homespun cream into a cosmetics empire that has taken the world by storm. If you buy Estee Lauder products and you want to get in touch with the company, here is what you need to do.

Estee Lauder was founded in 1946 in New York (USA). All the methods that can be used to get in touch with the customer support service of Estee Lauder Australia can be accessed from their official website.


Estee Lauder Customer Service contacts

If you need to contact with Estee Lauder Australia, we have collected all the contact information you need to know.

There is a contact us form embedded in the official website, which is the primary method that can be used to get in touch with the customer support team. This Estee Lauder contact us option is detailed and it captures all the useful information from customers. Then the customers would find it as an easy task to explain their concern and submit the form. However, you need to be careful to provide accurate information as much as possible in order to get the issue clarified and solved within the shortest time possible.


This can be used to get in touch with one of the customer service representatives on a week day. In addition, you will be able to see a link, which can be used to send a direct email to the customer support team at Estee Lauder Australia. The email customer support service is friendly and helpful, so you will be able to expect a response within 24 hours.


Estee Lauder Contact Number

To get in touch with Estee Lauder Australia, you need to call their helpline number 1800 613 783. A member of Estee Lauder customer service will respond to your queries. This dedicated phone number can be used whenever you need assistance or guidance with any Estee Lauder Australia product or service. This number is open for all customers including those who are living in Australia as well as small and medium business clients and it is operational and is your first option when needing to get in touch with the company.

It is also possible to get in touch with Estee Lauder Australia via their online form. To use the form, you will first need to specify the reason for contacting the company. It could be related to an online order, beauty/product advice, website/technical enquiry or in-store service.

You should follow the following steps to submit a formNext, provide some information about how the company can help you.

  • Share with Estee Lauder your queries, doubts or suggestions
  • After you have provided this information, you will need to provide some personal details like your first and last name, you also need to provide and verify your email address.
  • In addition, the company requires your complete address and whether your address is that of your home or office. Before submitting this online form, you will need to specify whether or not you are a registered member of Estee Lauder Australia.
  • After providing all this information, you can submit your online query and a representative of the company will get back to you shortly.

Sending the online form requires you consent to the terms of the company’s privacy policy. Aside from calling Estee Lauder Australia, you can also contact the company via email. Alternatively, you can also think about visiting a store in Australia, to find a store, you need to provide either the post code of the city you want to visit or you can provide the name of the city or state in which the store is located, Estee Lauder Australia is always ready to assist you in any way they can.

Estee Lauder Australia has an excellent reputation for not only its range of products but also for its outstanding customer service. If you have any issue or enquiries, feel free to contact Estee Lauder including through their online form, email address or customer care number.

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