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Envestra Customer Contacts

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Envestra, now known as Australian Gas Networks Limited, is an energy company headquartered in Adelaide Australia. With John Allpass as chairman, Envestra offers natural gas transmission, raking in a net income of $45m in 2010

It is the leading gas allocation organization in Australia. Envestra has been meeting the requirements of their customer and this is the reason people want to transfer their gas services to Envestra Australia. They will help you to save your time and money by providing the gas connections and plans according to your requirements.


Envestra Phone Numbers

Envestra customer service may be contacted through email, or through Envestra phone number. To inquire for new gas connections in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, you may call them at the Envestra contact number. Online inquiries can also be made on their website. General questions can be made to different Envestra gas contact numbers assigned to 5 different regions in Australia.

Envestra helpline for emergencies, such as a gas leak, find above, which is available to South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, and New South Wales.

To contact Envestra Australia customer service, you can give them a call through Envestra phone number which allows you to reach a member of their customer service team.

This is the contact center that is reserved for customers to call in case of feedback, reviews or complaints in relation to any Envestra product or service. It does not matter the kind of customer you are, the customer service is available for use during their opening hours for any assistance that you might need.

There are other ways of contacting Envestra Australia apart from making a phone call, and one of such ways is by sending a mail to them through their email address which is info@agnl.com.au


Envestra Customer Service Contacts

Envestra Customer service: the company has a specially trained customer support team to make sure that they will meet the requirements of all their customers. You can contact Envestra customer service team at:

Envestra Gas Contact information: call Envestra phone number and you will speak with a Customer representative, you will receive support with your queries. Envestra helpline is available 24 hours a day, so contact Envestra now

Envestra Email address: you can send an email at info@agnl.com.au

Envestra Address: the visiting and mailing address of the Envestra Australia is Level 6, 400 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

Envestra Social media contacts: keep in touch with the Envestra Australia on social media platforms like:

  • Facebook facebook.com/Envestra-Resources
  • LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/envestra-ltd
  • Twitter twitter.com/envestra

Place your complaints or ask for more services by contact Envestra Australia. Envestra customer service team available from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

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Hi I have received a letter from Energy Australia advising that you are having difficulties reading my meter - address 54 Aldersyde Drive, Kyabram. Vic 3620. My meter has been getting read and service for years and never been any issues. The meter is still clearly accessible and nothing has changed that would impact on this. I am wondering if you could please contact me 0409 946 469 to discuss this. Alternatively Energy Aust have suggested I read my own meter and submit via online. Im sure this is only going to eventually put your company out of work Frank Scopelliti
Please call me regarding my gas meter reading being estimated for the past 2 years 0439803762, I think a complaint to the ombudsman is in order
Hi i´m not receiving my bill since 2 months ago. How can i know my meter figures envestra is chargin me?
Can you explain to me why between envestra gas and agl that it has taken more the 8 days to connect gas to my house and the only resolution that envestra and agl have offered is bad luck u have to wait there is nothing that either company can or will do So now i have waited 8 days with a new born child unable to cook or shower There is no excuse you can offer or make uo that will explain this