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Phone number

Easy ways to contact Energy Australia

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Energy Australia is simply an Australians top energy provider based on the fact they provide power to over 2.6 million homes in Australia as well as Businesses in South-East Queensland, Victoria South Australia and New South Wales. Energy Australia has a comprehensive range of electricity & gas plans to match the business customers and residential. Energy Australia owns and manages a multibillion dollar collection of the generation of energy as well as storage facilities that entail wind assets, coal and gas. As a matter of fact, Energy Australia has initiated home services providing cooling, solar, heating as well as providing solution to hot water which entails sales plus servicing installation & emergency repair.

Phone Number and fax

To contact Energy Australia, you don’t need to strain because their services are just a phone call away. In that case, pick your phone and let’s insert these digits as fast as possible 13 34 66. You should call with confidence since your call will be treated as a (VIP) once it reaches the Enery Australia customer care desk. There are other alternatives for instance Energy Australia fax number which is (02) 9269 2830. You can be sure, that Energy Australia staff use a customer oriented approach whenever they are handling their customers.

Online chat inbox

In addition, you can leave your feedback or suggestion by accessing their website. You can drop your query, suggestion or even complain in the online chat inbox. Energy Australia has individuals whose main responsibility is to keep checking out for messages and emails that are sent by customers from all parts of the globe. Energy Australia stakeholders aim at exceeding the expectation of their customers as well as those of their potential customers. They have all the necessarily skills that are needed to handle all their clients. In that case, ensure that you stay in touch with the Energy Australia stakeholders through either of the methods and your feedback will acted upon.



Generating energy is one of the most difficult tasks for people all over the world. With the planet’s resources crumbling by the second, it has become an increasingly concerning task for most households worldwide. It would seem like we are constantly being torn between electrifying our houses and protecting the earth.

Luckily with Energy Australia this bridge has been crossed. Energy Australia is an energy company that does not only provide energy but they are constantly working in more than one way to save the energy that people consume and to save the planet as a whole. Energy Australia has already helped more than 2.6 million people by supplying them with eco-friendly power over the last few years.

Energy Australia contact details

EnergyAustralia has changed the way people use power forever by creating a sustainable way to recharge our lives. You can access your account online if you already have one of contact EnergyAustralia customer service number. If you have any enquiries that you would not like to discuss over the phone, you can fill in the enquiry form and send it through to them. Someone will contact you shortly with the information that you need.

Energy Australia is a company involved in the management of people’s energy bills be it for their homes or businesses and there is a customer service team in place to make it easier and more convenient for people to pay their energy bills. There are helplines that have been put in place for customers to use in contacting the customer service depending on the location and need of the customer. For customers within Australia, the customer service number to call is 133 466; for customers that are calling from overseas, the number to call is +61 3 9422 2968 while for those that might require interpreter services from the customer support team, then the number to call is 1300 622 718.

The customer service team is available from Monday to Friday during the hours of 8am to 6.30pm which means there is ample time for customers to call and request for any form of assistance that they might need. Apart from giving the customer service of Energy Australia a call, there are other ways of contacting them and one of such ways is by sending them a mail of your questions or complaints via their email address which is enq@energyaustralia.com.au

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Can you please advise me what to do my duplex in Roseland got damaged due to a fire next door tenant fault I connect the electricity to my duplex , but not safe to use due to rain coming from the damaged roof My neighbour the ( one his tenant cause the problem , He is using my electricity to build granny flat on his side , nearly few hour per day , I cant not change him for the electricity usage by him , because he just promise to fix my damaged roof caused by his tenant , But noting in writing ?? Do you advise my to disconnect my electricity completely so he does not use it ?? I have to pump out the rain water from the pit at his side of the duplex because every time it rain heavily my house get flooded , he has no electricity on his Duplex because was burned out from the fire Please tell me also . how much just nearly what is the usage cost of 2 hours per day of him using my electricity ?? I don't trust him that he will fix my roof , he is using it just to use my electricity while he is building his granny flat Please can someone help me , I don't know what to do , ?? , I'm so desperate for help His insurant told me that they will pay for him to fix his duplex But not mine ?? After all the problem happened , because of his tenant burned the place , Why I should pay after all for his Electricity Please tell me is there any way I can use electricity just to empty the pit when its raining heavily any way I can bypass just for usage for may be 30 min every week ??? Please can someone help what to do to avoid paying for someone else usage what is best option I have Kindly reply to my email Thanks heaps Regards Samia Phillips