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Contact Energizer Customer Care

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Energizer is recognized globally as the leader in the power solutions provider industry, severally, it has been voted as the most trusted brand in the batteries category by Australians. The need for everyone to have access to reliable power cannot be overemphasized as a lot of business and homes depend on it. This is one major reason why Energizer Australia has ensured that all its outlets are manned by efficient and experienced professionals.


Energizer Australia Customer Service

All customers of Energizer can get in touch with the company's customer care service if they want to make inquiries about, ask questions or lodge complaints about its products and services.

Energizer Customer service can be contacted by mail, chat, helpline of by their website, in all of them a representative will help you with your concerns about the company, their products and how to make an inquiry.

The Energizer website also has a live chat facility that you can use to speak directly to a customer care representative. This live chat facility is only available from Monday to Fridays between the hours of 9 am to 9 pm. For those who would love to send email, you can reach the customer service at the following address; support@enerizerbatteries.com.au and eapl.customerservice@energizer.com.


There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the website where you are sure to find answers to any issue you might have.


Energizer Phone Number

Call the Energizer Australia customer care helpline on (02) 9763 6100 if you would like to speak directly with a representative of the company's customer service. This phone number is dedicated to requests, enquiries, complaints, questions and even suggestions by customers of the company. However, you should only contact during opening hours which runs from Monday to Friday by 9am to 9pm.

Asides from making a call or chatting, you can also get any information about the company's products and services on their site which has information on latest promos run by the company or even social activities like its diabetes walk. And for those who would love to work with Energizer Australia, its career section can give you all the information you need.

customer service

Energizer Australia customers and members of public who have inquiries, complaints and comment about Energizer Batteries Australia can contact the customer service on the phone number (02) 9763 6100 or they can use the email address at eapl.customerservice@energizer.com.

For anyone having inquiries regarding promotional activity can contact Energizer Batteries Australia support services using the email support@energizerbatteries.com.au. For customers looking for information on Energizer Batteries Australia’s products but are having difficult time locating them can contact the customer service at the following email address for support on locating the right product for you. However, a customer can use the information provided on its products page to get what they want without problems.

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I purchased a heavy duty usb cord this morning. It was the 3rd one I replaced within the last month due to the charging being too slow and breaking easily. This cord looks unbreakable however again it states charging within 8 hours. I have taken an old one on put on phone which still charges within one hour. I could take it back to the shops however would like contact also please. I have photos to prove this. Regards Kim
I bought one of your screen protectors which has a picture of a hammer hitting the protecrive screen and leavong thr phone screen intact. This morning my Samsung S8 fell through my fingers when I attemped to pick it up from my bedside table, it fell no more than 5cm onto the face of the phone, your screen protector, and rubber case I purchased failed to save the screen. The screen was cracked in the exact same place as the so called protective screen. If i had of known your product would fail to protect my screen from such a minor fall I would have purchased from another supplier. I feel that Energizer is liable for costs relating to screen repairs.
the HD 10 pack i bought last week are all flat the are 14 years old SNI -2051-2-2004 THE RECHARGEABLE are just as bad they never last as long ether not at 64 i have been using them since i was a kid now the using second hand batteries and we still have to pay the some price Neil 0405062692
I sent an email over a week ago about your recharge device have not heard back plus sent a photo. I am very disappointed that your website saying 3days I would be contacted. So here is my phone number 0401555403. I don't expect a reply so I will never buy your product again.
I have a pack of energizer MAX batteries still in a pack with only 1 used already, I have since had to replace a battery gone to the pack and it has battery leakage in the pack so I am unable to use them. I would like a replacement but cannot remember and I have no receipt were I purchased these, can you assist ? AA batteries Barcode 6920403163697 Regards Michele P# 0409 887 476 WESTERN AUSTRALIA
I have an ongoing case and nobody has responded. I have been waiting on the phone for 30 minutes on your above listed number. Are you interested in dealing with customer complaints regarding faulty batteries? My next step is to contact the ACCC tomorrow. All this effort for $10 worth of batteries. But, I will get my refund one way or another. Eveready Energiser has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. You will be getting contacted by ACCC very soon