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Energex head office contact number

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Energex is the leading provider of electricity into most of the homes in Southeast Queensland Australia. A lot of people and businesses depend on Energex to get power in their homes and this is why Energex has made sure to put in place competent and qualified professionals who attend to any issues of power outage or power repairs that customers might have. Customers can also get in touch with the Energex Australia customer support if they have questions, enquiries or complaints to make about any of the services Energex Australia provides.


Contact Energex Customer Service

To speak with a customer service representative of Energex Australia, call 13 12 53. You can call this number if you want to make general enquiries such as the price of Energex Australia services, the address of Energex Australia offices and the opening times of these offices. If you have any complaints regarding Energex Australia Gas Supply and Energy supply services, call Energex phone number at 13 62 62 and this includes loss of power, fallen power lines, electric shock, power outage, etc. These phone numbers are available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5:30pm.

Alternatively, if you are not someone who enjoys making a lot of phone calls, you can visit the Energex Australia website to get any information you would like to know about. Every information you may be interested in is on the website such as Energex Jobs and careers amongst others. If you however need further support call any of the above-mentioned phone numbers.

From Energex Australia Website, you can make use of the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) section if you think your problem has been reported before. There are various questions and answers in this section and your issue might just be listed there.

To contact Energex Australia Customer Support via contact forms, visit their site and select the specific form relevant to your issue or query. You will be required to drop your email and an Energex customer service representative will get in touch with you. You can make use of this link if you want to do any of the following: make a complaint, make general enquiry, pass along a compliment and proffer suggestions for improvement.

For customers who prefer the traditional mailing system, write a letter and mail it to the following address: Energex Limited, GPO Box 1461, Brisbane QLD 4001. You can also visit the Energex office at this address, 26 Reddacliff Street, Newstead QLD 4006. The Energex office is open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5:30pm.


Energex Contact Number

Energex Australia is an electricity company which provide electric services. If you have any issues with your service, call energex head office contact number to receive quick response and solution to your electricity problems.

Owned by the government of Queensland, the company Energex is one of the most prominent electric power distribution companies in all of Australia. Founded way back in the year of 1922, where it was originally known as CEL, or City Electric Light co, Energex is now one of the most financially successful companies in the entire world, with a revenue of around A$ 2 billion, and a net income of A$ 284 + million. The CEO of the company is Terry Effeney, whilst the chairperson is Kerryn Newton.

Recently, energex has relocated to Newstead, where their main offices are now located on an old gasworks site. They serve the entire South East Queensland area and are a government owned corporation.

Energex are renowned for their efficient customer service and can be reached via their contact us on their website, which lists all necessary contact info, including a telephone number and email address.

For power outages, you can call Energex power outages phone number at 13 62 62, the staff team will help you with your concerns as soon as possible. Keep in mind contact number for power outages is available 24 hours

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I have not received my latest Energex bill which I feel should be in my inbox by now. I'm thinking that perhaps I have accidentally deleted it. Therefore, could if they have been sent could you please resend mine. Thank you.