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Electrolux Contact Customer Service

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Electrolux, or AB Electrolux, as is their full name, is one of the most popular and efficient appliance manufacturers in the entire world. Based in Sweden, more specifically, Stockholm, Electrolux are currently the 2nd most popular appliance manufacturers in the world, 2nd only to Whirlpool. Electrolux were established nearly one century ago, back in 1919, and they provide services to countries all over the globe.

Popular Electrolux products include items such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, and more besides. For those who are familiar with shopping for quality home appliances, the name Electrolux should certainly ring a bell. With a reputation as the largest online appliance retailer in Australia, Electrolux meets all your home appliance needs in one location.

Electrolux Australia offers a huge variety of products that include washing machines, freezers, cordless vacuum cleaners, fridges, induction cooktops and so many others. If you are an Electrolux Australia customer or you intend to patronize the company, you can easily get in touch with their customer support center for solutions to a wide range of requests.


Electrolux Phone Numbers

Electrolux is a company that sells home appliances around the world. They have cooking equipment, refrigeration units, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and laundry equipment. Should you need to contact Electrolux Australia, we have found all of the best contact options for you.

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If you would like to contact a customer service representative of Electrolux Australia, call 1300 363 640. You can also place a call to this number if you desire to know more about the services and promotions that Electrolux has on offer. Also if you want to find out the location of the nearest Electrolux service center to you, feel free to place a call. And for those who have complaints of any sorts, you are also not left out. Calling the Electrolux customer service line (1300 363 640) will ensure that you will get a solution to your grievance.


Electrolux Customer Service Contacts

The easiest way to contact Electrolux Australia is through their contact form, it is simple to fill out but it may take a few days to hear back when using this method of contact.

If you would prefer to source the information yourself, then you should visit the Electrolux Australia website, as it stocks every information you can ever need about the company. On Electrolux Australia website, you can know more about the special services offered by the company such as cooking schools, taste festivals, recipes, appetite for excellence and a host of others. You can also find user manuals for your appliances and even spare parts distributors affiliated with Electrolux. However, if the information is not enough, you can always call Electrolux customer service number already given.

There is also the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the website which has a ton of answers to any possible question you might have. If the above options are not enough for you, the website has a contact form, all you need to do is to simply select the form relevant to your request and submit it along with your name and email. This contact form is ideal for laying complaints, asking questions, making inquiries, or giving suggestions.

I need someone from your company to ring me immediately. I gave my bank details for a delivery today, and I am told there so no such order for me. Please ring immediately on 0401265363. Glenys Giffin
Can I have contact details of your HR. I applied for a position and want an update on my application. My email address is jarnailsingh1469@yahoo.com.au Phone number is 0401 500 790