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Contact now with Dick Smith Australia

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Dick Smith Australia no longer maintains physical stores and requests all its customers to contact its customer service to resolve their concerns. There are phone numbers, and email contact details to address all customer inquiries, complaints and comments.

Dick Smith Australia lists the following telephone number, 1300 003 425, to phone Dick Smith for all business related matters. All calls are expected come through between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday Australia Eastern Daylight Time.

Customers can also contact Dick Smith Australia using email facility provided on its website. 

Click the link to go to the Help Center page where you will choose the department relevant to your message

  • Select the department and go to the message form area
  • Fill in the details of your message, attaché file if applicable
  • Click the “Submit Question” button to send your message

Dick Smith Australia also provides the Help Center for Instant Answers to customers’ inquiries. Look for the link titled bar, “Help Centre – Instant Answer” and click to access the page to enter your question or type your product code. If you don’t know your product code, use the link below the question bar to find your product code to use.  On the "Instant Answer" page are also listed pre-asked questions like frequently asked questions that provide answers to them.



Dick Smith is one of the most famous retail marks in Australia. At first, Dick focused his vitality towards setting up and adjusting auto radios. The following schedule year, his business' prosperity outlined he required a more prominent shop as well as more outlets.

Alongside the engine unit auto radio business, Dick opened up Dick Smith General. It was made to be viewed as a play area for devices specialists like Dick himself and sold a colossal exhibit of shopper gadgets parts to specialists and weekend specialists too. It was effective gigantically. Things were moving quickly for Dick and the brand's fleeting ascent had not been going to decelerate at any point in the near future.

In 1980s, the business had delivered to twenty stores and Dick got sold 60 percent of the business' working show to Woolworths Small. At least 2 yrs. later, he sold the aggregate sum to Woolworths who got full ownership of the business having paid a total of 25 million US dollars. Dick Smith continued to build its system of little principle piece stores in rural areas and neighborhood metropolitan ranges crosswise over Australia. Inside a couple of decades. Contact to their customer support for more help.

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I’m still waiting for an email on how to return a product which is faulty. It’s been 5 days. I keep getting a reply telling me the same thing. Can customer service please answer this question? INSTRUCTION FOR RETURN OF FAULTY PRODUCT ???????????? How long does it have to take? PLS GET TO ME ASAP. 0422272503 Order Ref: GTUGHYVE Invoice # 25344285