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Contact Fines Victoria Customer Service

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Civic Compliance Victoria (also known as "Fines Victoria") is an entity under the Department of Justice and Regulation that oversees the administration and enforcement of infringements and court fines across Victoria.

The goal of Civic Compliance Victoria is to discourage unlawful acts by issuing fines to people as a way of resolving their matters rather than going to court. Following this aim, Civic Compliance Victoria operates as an accessible point of contact for people with outstanding fines. Its office is located at 277 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Civic Compliances Victoria main aim is to process and manage fines for their clients, additionally, CCV goes through the infringements process, which is the stage of issuing fines to the point of agreement. Fines Victoria services offered include:

  • On the side of various issuing agencies, Civic Compliance Victoria usually sends infringement notices
  • Collecting fine alimony
  • Giving out violation warrants and enforcement warrants as issued by the Infringement courts.
  • Through their customer care services, they provide customers with required information so as to come up with reasonable solutions.
  • Assist people to resolve their issues and providing information about their available options, which might be through online, phone, in-person counter services, and much more

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Contact Fines Victoria Customer Service via phone call

If you want to contact Civic Compliance Victoria via phone call, there are several numbers dedicated to serving different kinds of inquiries and the location you're calling from. Do you want to make inquiries about infringements? If yes, the phone number to call is (03) 9200 8111. Regional callers should call 1300 369 819.

  • If your inquiry is related to notice of final demand or warrant, reach Fines Victoria contact number (03) 9200 8222 to talk with a representative, they are available to help you with your concerns.
  • Enquiries about vehicle registration non-renewable sanction can be taken care of if you call 1300 396 851, while all inquiries related to wheel clamp sanction should go through this number – 300 743 743.

All calls to Civic Compliance Victoria will be attended to by their customer service representative provided you call between 8 am and 6 pm on weekdays (except public holidays).

If you don't fancy calling, you can write to Civic Compliance Victoria on their website by submitting an online inquiry and expect a reply within 28 days. However, if the traditional mailing system is your preferred method of contact, you can still get in touch with Civic Compliance Victoria. All you need do is send a mail to this address – Fines Victoria, GPO Box 1916, Melbourne VIC 3001.

Nevertheless, if you have urgent inquiries, Civic Compliance Victoria advises that you shouldn't use the online inquiry option or the traditional mailing system. Rather, call the numbers above so you can have a customer service representative attend to you quickly.


Contact Civic Compliance Victoria Australia Customer Support via Social Media

Many Australians see the social media as a great channel to get in touch with corporate bodies and government organizations. However, Civic Compliance Victoria does not have a social media presence. This means you can reach them only via the options above.

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