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CityLink Customer Care contacts

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CityLink Australia is actually a network of urban roads that have tolls for motorists to pay and it is located in Melbourne, Australia linking three major freeways and a major bridge. It took about four years to build and the management of the project was given to a company known as Transurban limited.

Due to the way it was constructed, it has allowed continuous and high-capacity movements around major and busy areas in Melbourne without traffic congestion. This has made people’s lives easier such that they can get to wherever they are going in due time especially when they have to meet a certain deadline or time. Now, not only has CityLink road network been important, it has grown into a brand known as CityLink Australia which has employed people and provides them with details on traffic conditions in Melbourne city.

There is a contact us option on the CityLink website that allows you to ask quick questions about the current traffic conditions to which they provide appropriate and prompt answers to thus ensuring that adequate customer service is given to their customers. There is a CityLink phone number by which to contact them which is available for 14 hours every day of the week thus making it easy to contact them.

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