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CSA Child Support Agency contact details

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Child Support Agency Australia, also known as CSA, was developed as an independent firm to help the parents and the children of Australia and around to globe to get their rights and the facilities. It will also help the unprivileged parents to offer their kids with the best facilities. Child Support Agency Australia has the mission to give every child a secure future.

In 2004, the Child Support Agency Australia was developed as the financial and administrative platform to help the children. However, in 2011, the authorities legalized them and now they are running their services according to the rules and regulations of the government. Many of the big agencies have connected with CSA to make sure that they can easily help as many children as they want.

Child Support Agency Australia has been providing the customers with the welfare, social and health-related services:

  • They have developed the Medicare platform where they will offer the facilities of healthcare, organ donation and proper immunizations of the children
  • During the time of the major changes, the Centrelink platform will deliver payments and services to the needy
  • For the well-being of the children they offer separated parents the emotional and financial support

Child Support Agency Australia contacts

In order to make sure that every parent and kid can easily reach them Child Support Agency Australia has developed the best customer service platform. They have trained their team to make sure that they will politely talk to the children so they will not be scared and can easily share the issues that they are facing. Child Support Agency contact details are:

  • You can call Child Support Agency phone number at 131 272 from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm or send a fax at 1300 309 949, a customer service representative will help you

Child Support Agency will make sure to solve your issues as soon as possible so that you will get the required support for your children. Child Support Agency Australia has been working with the Health care department to be the best for their customers.

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They need agency reference number, how can I get it ? Thanks
I would like to email child support for papers
Hi my name is Tameeka I would like child support papers sent too my home address please would be really appreciate it.please phone 0436099478 for more details