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Seven West Media Limited is a multiplatform media business, an Australian public company providing television broadcasting, magazine and newspaper publishing, news and information services. Channel 7 earns a higher percentage of its revenue from broadcasting services, and it is the home for the majority of best performing media businesses.

Seven West Media Limited is owned by Australian Capital Equity, with a controlling share of 33.2% to carry on services in television and radios broadcasting, newspaper publishing, magazine publishing and online news services. It owns the second largest magazine in Australia, Pacific Magazines. It owns 21 Western Australia regional newspapers, holds nine radio licenses as well as own and manages a specialist publishing outfit and WAN digital division.

The company’s activities cover the following platforms: Free to Air Television - broadcasting across Australia Newspapers - Includes 21 newspaper publications Magazines - comprising over 25 titled publications Online – including Yahoo!7 other online streaming services, Radio – own nine licenses and investment in Sky News, OzTAM, and TX Australia.



Channel 7 Australia provides various contact channels, according to its office's location, to its customer service regarding its programs. Viewers can contact Channel 7 Australia as follows:

For customers in Sydney, the switchboard number is (02) 8777 7777. Newsroom fax is (02) 8777 7753.

For Melbourne customers, Channel 7 Australia provides the following contact: Switchboard number is (03) 9697 7777. Newsroom fax is (03) 9697 7898. General fax is (03) 9697 7676.

For customers in Brisbane, the switchboard is (07) 3369 7777. Newsroom fax is (07) 3368 2973. General fax is (07) 3368 2970.

Channel 7 Australia provides the following contact details for its Adelaide office: Switchboard number is (08) 8342 7777. Newsroom fax is (08) 8342 7714. General fax is (08) 8342 7717.

Callers from Perth to use the following contact details: Switchboard number is (08) 9344 0777. Newsroom fax is (08) 9344 0808. General fax is (08) 9344 0670.

Viewers can also send an email to Channel 7 Australia regional Queensland and for casting call, viewers are to call Channel 7 for an inquiry. Interested person can send their details to this contact.

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