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CHANNEL 7 Contact Customer Service

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Seven West Media Limited is a multiplatform media business, an Australian public company providing television broadcasting, magazine and newspaper publishing, news and information services. Channel 7 earns a higher percentage of its revenue from broadcasting services, and it is the home for the majority of best performing media businesses.

Seven West Media Limited is owned by Australian Capital Equity, with a controlling share of 33.2% to carry on services in television and radios broadcasting, newspaper publishing, magazine publishing and online news services. It owns the second largest magazine in Australia, Pacific Magazines. It owns 21 Western Australia regional newspapers, holds nine radio licenses as well as own and manages a specialist publishing outfit and WAN digital division.

The company’s activities cover the following platforms: Free to Air Television - broadcasting across Australia Newspapers - Includes 21 newspaper publications Magazines - comprising over 25 titled publications Online – including Yahoo!7 other online streaming services, Radio – own nine licenses and investment in Sky News, OzTAM, and TX Australia.



Channel 7 Australia provides various contact channels, according to its office's location, to its customer service regarding its programs. Viewers can contact Channel 7 Australia as follows:

  • For customers in Sydney, the switchboard number is (02) 8777 7777. Newsroom fax is (02) 8777 7753.
  • For Melbourne customers, Channel 7 Australia provides the following contact: Switchboard number is (03) 9697 7777. Newsroom fax is (03) 9697 7898. General fax is (03) 9697 7676.
  • For customers in Brisbane, the switchboard is (07) 3369 7777. Newsroom fax is (07) 3368 2973. General fax is (07) 3368 2970.
  • Channel 7 Australia provides the following contact details for its Adelaide office: Switchboard number is (08) 8342 7777. Newsroom fax is (08) 8342 7714. General fax is (08) 8342 7717.
  • Callers from Perth to use the following contact details: Switchboard number is (08) 9344 0777. Newsroom fax is (08) 9344 0808. General fax is (08) 9344 0670.

Viewers can also send an email to Channel 7 Australia regional Queensland and for casting call, viewers are to call Channel 7 for an inquiry. Interested person can send their details to this contact.

Datos empresa
Can you help me please about Apt 2491nw135st people cone here saying there the owner but there not I have proof there not the owner they put a 3day notice on my door they don't have proof of owner ship they don't have a TCO or a co to run the building they are in a litigation with the owner who did my lease and section 8is still paying the one who did my leases and the other people is puting a eviction notice on my door I need help can you please please help me my name is Christine Martin my number is 754-234-3225 I have a 3day notice I need help they have so many violationson the building the 3and 4floor no one suppose to be living in them The water bill has not been paid they has no INS on the building I have all the document that you need to look in to please help me before I get put out
It's greT to see the Australian rally championship and the WRC world rally championship on tv again it's so great better than cocking shows Plus great to see drag racing and speedway on tv but I wish the rally is on a better times on tv
Dear chanel 7, Just commenting on your news subject about GP visits. As a public patient. I have some first hand news on what is happening. Now you have 10 minutes for you GP to assist you. Now you cannot ring up and get results, they ask you to make another appointment to get any results. When my mum lived in Tasmania her GP did 3 yearly blood tests together for three different thing, here in Melbourne she has to go three seperate times. People are not been cared for. I have a chronic unexplained back condition I've had since 2014 I feel like the lady who had to go to America just to find out she had a tick on her body paralising her. No proper investigations are been done for people like myself. I'm seeing a psychologist to help me deal with an unexplained mystery condition. Thanks for reading my comments. Linda maroney PH: 0406 544 783
Love watching the Royal wedding, but could you please tell everybody who the guest are has they enter & show others not just the same persons. Many thanks
Good Morning, I am rather disappointed to see the double standard channel 7 is adopting in relation to bullying. On the one hand Koschie is conducting a very vocal anti bullying campaign on Sunrise calling politicians to task and on the other hand you have channel 7 My Kitchen Rules and House Rules demonstrating all sorts of bullying and poor behaviour in attempts to build ratings. Its bad form channel 7 and many of us turn off your programs in light of the unsavoury behaviours, double standards and poor role models they present and demonstrate
I am extremely upset that another station has allowed football to rule the airwaves of the adelaide TV. (Sick of football) the only time I get to relax is when home and away is on, and now you have allowed the game that chases a pig skin around an oval to take over the airways of home away. Seriously this show has been on for years as a 5 day week program and you have now bowed down to all people of adelaide to have such a crap game on TV. NOT HAPPY.
Please explain why all your Television Shows & Advertisement have very LOUD Music or Hum Drum noise in the background which completely makes the hearing of speech impossible. We have a Smart TV, making any adjustment makes no difference. WE are about to stop watching "Home & Away" as it is impossible to hear. We have spoken to many people in all age groups & they agree with us. We have enjoyed "Home & Away" but unfortunately no more. It looks like we are stuck with Netflix if we wish to enjoy TV in the evening. Is this some new idea adopted from America? as we follow everything they do & we seem to have no original ideas 0f our own.
Hi you played the same movie today at midday 21/11/18 that you played inside a week ago got to be thousands of others you could play.
When channel 9 had the cricket we saw the T20 we saw the One Dayers we saw the test. Now we have to have Foxtell well can i say something I can't afford Foxtell. But that doesn't worry you does it because you don't give a fuck about the punter who has watched cricket all his life. I'm 60. It's all about selling TV space not about the punter on the street is it. Don't worry about us pensoners who live fortnight to fortnight on $750 then we pay rent power food ( god we should eat) its a disgrace the way the media control this country. Well stick your summer up your fuck arse ill give the tests a flick to. Mongrel dogs you are
The first day of “Channel 7” test cricket. I am very disappointed to hear Mr Slatter was selected as a commentator. By the third over of the day he talked before, during and after the delivery. Can the producer please explain to him why he should not do that! After great expectations for a new commentary team we are stuck with the weakest features from the past team. Please help him.
I would love to Surf Patrol return to seven as in my opinion the best surf rescue show on tv. I would also love to see Wipeout USA back on the air. Thanks
not happy about no odi cricket matches on free to air as a result will no longer watch cricket at just watched the indian series wont watch cricket again on 7
Tonight 30th January for some reason unbeknown to me the BBL is not available on any 7 channel and there is a game on which I can see from the schedule of games on the internet. I will not be paying to see ODI or any other cricket match so cricket is losing me rapidly and I only watch channel 7 for sport
Hi I was in the middle of watching MKR on 7 Food Network,then all of a sudden it said no data input so I retuned both my tv's and the channel has disappeared completely! What's happened?
Why is EVERY night on the news when you give the currency exchange for other countries, EVERY evening the one for the UK is always quoted as for example, (point) .54 ?