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Contact with Sportsbet support team

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The Sportsbet Australia is the leading online bookmaker in Australia. They have been providing people the chance to place the bets on certain games and win a decent amount of money. It started with betting on horse racing but now it has moved to many other games and from general gamblers to betting opportunities.

The Sportsbet Australia was founded in 1993. In the beginning, it progressed amazingly. However, somewhere near the middle, it started to lose customers because of the face-to-face gambling facility. Soon the understood their downfall and played a role in the advertisement deal and since then the Sportsbet Australia has been progressing.

Services provided by Sportsbet Australia, here is the list of services that you will get from them:

  • You will get a chance to bet on a variety of games, events, and races around the globe through Sportsbet Australia
  • You will get the quick and responsive services at Sportsbet Australia
  • Sportsbet Australia will allow you to enter as many competition in Australia as you like
  • There are special betting promotions where you can have a special go which means better chance to win
  • The organization is always at your service so you can enjoy the bets


Sportbet Customer service

The Sportsbet Australia has specially trained their customer service team to ensure that the customers will get the help that they require. You can contact the support team Monday to Saturday 7 am to midnight and on Sundays, 8 am to 9 pm. The customer service team of Sportsbet Australia is available on the following platforms.

You can call SportsBet Customer service at 1800 990 907 or by fax at 1800 131 238. The address for sending them a mail or letter is GPO Box 4755 Melbourne, VIC 3001.


Contact SportsBet Australia

Sportsbet is a leading Australian bookmaker that serves its customers online and through other ways of betting. As Sportsbet Australia strives to make sure all of their customers have great experience using their services, there will surely be complaints for one reason or the other.

For this reason, Sportsbet Australia has put in place effective and responsive customer service portals through which customers can get in touch with the customer support team. Sportsbet’s customer support services has been designed to make sure complaints and requests are handled professionally and resolved as quickly as possible. The company understands that problems are bound to come up and thus, always tries to provide tailored resolutions to keep everyone happy within as short as 48 hours.

Contact Sportsbet Australia Customer Support Via Email: If you want to leave feedback on any of the services offered by Sportsbet Australia or you want to leave feedback on how a staff treated you or even pass along a compliment, you can write your message as an email and send to customerservice@sportsbet.com.au.

To lodge a complaint via email, send an email containing details of your complaint to complaints@sportsbet.com.au. If you send an email to the above email address, you will receive a response in 48 hours which h will contain the steps you will have to take to have your resolved. Make sure the following information is contained in your email;

  • Your full name
  • Sportsbet Username or Account Number (or both)
  • Description of your complaint
  • The type of resolution you are seeking.
  • Indicate if you have previously complained about the same issue.


Contact Sportsbet Australia Customer Support via Phone: As much as bets can be placed on Sportsbet Australia website, customers also have the option of placing their bets over the phone through a phone call. For sports betting, customers can call SportBet phone number at 1800 138 238. To place bets on racing games, customers can call 180 013 2387 and for international customers, they can call +61 889 826 300. These phone lines are open every day of the week at all times.

  • Customer Support – 180 099 0907
  • International Customers - +61 386 139 600
  • Customers can also get in touch through Fax on this number, 180 0131 238 and for international customers who would like to get in touch through fax, they can use this number, +61 396 541 999.


If you are someone who still uses traditional mailing system, you can write a letter to the following address; GPO Box 4755, Melbourne, VIC 3001. Sportsbet Australia office is open on weekdays (Monday to Saturday) from 8am to 11pm and on Sunday from 9am to 9pm.

To contact the customer support via chat and email, customers can get in touch on weekdays (Monday to Saturday) from 7am to midnight and on Sunday from 8am to 9pm.

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