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Cabify Australia Contact Customer Service

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CABIFY is a private transportation company which offers its services in the Latin America region and internationally. The company was established in 2011 by Juan De Antonio, a Spanish entrepreneur because of his experience with Latin America taxi drivers. CABIFY’s services are accessible through their app, and all bookings and taxi requests can be made on the app. CABIFY offers its services to individuals and corporate clients, and the company has made sure that all the vehicles on the CABIFY service network are high-class, top notch vehicles.

CABIFY Australia operates in several countries which include Portugal, Spain, Panama, Colombia and Australia. Although, CABIFY is based in the Latin America and Spain, it however has operations in the above listed countries and more. This article will be discussing the different ways in which CABIFY Australia customer service can be contacted. On the CABIFY Australia website, the “contact us” option can be used to get in touch with the CABIFY Australia customer service and a customer service representative will respond to messages within 24 hours.

Cabify phone number

To contact Cabify Australia customer service by phone, call +61 433 4212 or visit their site, different phone numbers are available for different locations right on the website.

CABIFY is working towards becoming a global brand and as a result, over the coming years the company will have to attend to more customers which will result in the need for excellent customer support in order to keep their customers satisfied. There is always a well-trained customer service representative to handle your requests or complaints. The CABIFY mobile app is available on Google Play Store and the Apple app store through which you can enjoy all of the services offered by CABIFY.


Cabify Helpline

The app is accessible on mobile phones and interested clients can make their booking on their mobile devices once they have the app and have set up an account on it. The transportation services offered by CABIFY is of two forms namely: the one offered to just private individuals and the one offered to corporate clients. CABIFY is a well-recognized company as the vehicles used for the transportation service go through a thorough selection process and most of them are driven by their owners.

There are also available a Cabify helpline to provide help and assistance for those customers who has any kind of problem or need to get more information.