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Booking.com Customer Service Australia

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Several methods are provided to get in touch with Booking.com customer service representatives.

For example, if you have a concern related to a booking, you can simply visit the booking.com page or call Booking.com phone number australia. Or else, you can simply visit the Help Center to get all the concerns clarified. On the other hand, a separate Booking.com customer support channel has been assigned for the people who required property related assistance. Most of the customer support services are provided through their online portal.

Therefore, you will need to sign in to your Booking.com account in order to get in touch with a Booking.com customer care representative. A helpful FAQ section has also been introduced to the official website in order to make the life easy for all its customers.

You can simply search the FAQ section and see whether the concern you have has been addressed. If it is not there, you can proceed to the next step, which is about contacting one of the Booking Australia customer service representatives through the booking.com contact number australia offered by the company. All the inquiries that are submitted through the online portfolio of Booking.com Australia would be answered within 24 hours and they work around the clock to provide the best possible service.

booking.com australia phone number



Most people instead of calling probably due to cost especially for foreign customers, contact Booking.com Australia customer care through the contact form on their official website. This is relatively easy and can be done within minutes. There is also the online form which is part of the website. Customers can reach Booking.com customer care by filling the online form, providing the required information asked for and then waiting for a representative to get back to them as soon as possible based on the information they provided. This is a stress free way of getting in touch with the customer care eliminating the possibility of failing to reach them when booking.com contact phone number australia is reached

With the world becoming a global village and social media taking and center stage, businesses like Booking.com heavily really on it to get their customers both local and abroad to reach their customer care for enquiries and complaints. Primarily, the two platforms where Booking.com customer care are active include Facebook and Twitter.

For the social media loving customers, you can get whatever information you require from Booking.com Australia's customer care team by dropping those messages on their social media handles. The replies from the team are usually fast and as effective and useful as what you would get from their call desk. Contacting them through social media could be the best for you especially for abroad customers.

Booking.com Australia customer service twitter handle performs same function and fives same experience as their Facebook page. Although the team is never available 24/7 on social media as is other customer care units. They can only be reached each day between 9am and 11pm AEST. You can also contact Booking.com Australia through their email address or through fax.



Booking.com Australia helpline provides a 24/7 support for customers, attending to them on a regular basis. It is was worthy of note that their helpline is a multilingual one, making assisting foreign customers relatively easy and giving them the expectations they had in mind.

Also, for enquiries and complaints, one of the ways of contacting Booking.com Australia customer service department is through their dedicated phone number. You can reach the customer care through the following helpline: 02 8228 153 if you reside in Australia. For customers abroad, Booking.com Australia customer care can be reached with the helpline: +44 203 320 2609 for dropping complaints and making enquiries. The line is also open 24/7 even for customers outside Australia.



Booking.com Australia is a travel website and search engine for lodging reservations. Booking.com was launched in 1996 and has established itself as an international business ever since then. Becoming the world leading online accommodation booking company, providing the best price for accommodations within travelers budgets. Booking.com exists for properties in Australia, giving them a platform to be seen by people all over the world, and visited also.

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i have made and payed for my booking threw you but today I found it cheaper on your site where do I stand with this aanuka breakfree coffs harbour
hello booking .com, I have booking in wales on 14 -17 of april , but its incorrect can some one please contact me to change booking than you ref 1205203786 .. please contact me I nee dto cancel in advance with out penalty please sue
Hi tried to call severall times on the phone but the line is constantly busy I have also emailed Supply_usbooking.com and customer.service@bokking.com I'm having issues getting a phone contact number to change dates immediately on a booking as the net just defaults with no other option to get a contact. I have rang the venue and they do have a vacancy and said to call the third party. property is Mantra lodge booking change from 21/5 to 28/5. Booking number: 1518933085 PIN code: 6731 Can you please all me on 0480541426 with confirmation. thanks Tim Makaay
I would like somebody from Booking.com to call me back in regards to accommodation booked for Bali in October this year as it has been cancelled from Paypal. Contact number is 0740559072 or mobile is 0487742991
Below are the details of the booking I made through Expedia.com for Brocks Guest House in Bath. I also booked a room for the the same time but there was a price difference with booking.com. Hopefully your promise to price match will see a reduction in the price for your booking. I have tried to do this online at your site but it is refusing to cooperate. My email is Grosvenor_1@optusnet.com.au -evidence is provided below. Thank you for your assistance. By the way your customer service line is also working on the number given for calls from Australia. David Grosvenor
Hi i try to call booking .com for some help but never get any luck .Could you please call my me on 0406718885 Yustin
i have made a booking but no money has come out of my account and I have a ref no 1980377717 pin code 7426 Could some one please contact me ;on 0418166067 as I cant get hold of the motel neither The hotel is Classic Motel Mermaid Beach