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Your Jacket Is Calling Future Of Wearable Tech

Movies have often portrayed technology as being wearable from jackets to watches and more. For ages this has been the dreams of sci-fi writers, times have changed though and wearable tech is coming to fruition. Gadget lovers everywhere will be able to find wearable tech that meets or exceeds their dreams.

One of the most exciting pieces of wearable tech are clothes with speakers built in. This allows you to listen to your music or movies without having to put headphones in, such clothes include jackets, hats, hoodies, and skull caps. There are plenty of options for every situation. For clothing like these you have a variety of benefits that can be found. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Headphone free listening
  • Seamless tailoring
  • Open ears so that you can still hear your environment

fashion technology

Project Jacquard is an even more advanced wearable tech jacket that is being developed by Google, this jacket is a smart technology that is able to recognize your gestures, answer calls, sense user input, and more. While the main function of Project Jacquard is not to develop the jacket itself, it is an impressive demonstration of technology.

The point behind the project is to develop fabric that is conductive, sensing, and interactive so that fashion designers and technology experts from around the world can develop their own wearable tech.

Technology innovation doesn’t just stop at audio innovations or clothing though. Smart watches and fitness trackers have become some of the most popular wearable technology devices of the current age. Whether consumers use these for getting fit or checking their email, there are many different purposes.

More and more implementations of wearable technology is being developed. As more and more innovations are made we are only making way for further innovation.

Wearable technology is the way of the future, from making calls with our coats to smart fabric, it is all enabling us to do more and enjoy our technology all the time. Check out Project Jacquard and other wearable tech to determine if it is something that you are into. Let us know in the comments what your favorite wearable technology is.