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Why Booking.com has been blocked in Turkey?


Turkey has banned booking.com. Discover the main reasons

When many people go online to make travel plans they think of Booking.com because the name is easy to remember. You may be surprised to find out that the popular travel website, Booking.com, has been blocked in Turkey but it has. Why has it been blocked?

Several local travel agents filed complaints with the website. Local travel companies are required to have licenses in order to offer hotel booking in the country. Booking.com does not have a license to offer booking services.

Turkey blocks booking.com

Because of the lack of a license to provide booking services in Turkey, the commercial court issued an injunction for Booking.com. The injunction prevents the service from operating inside the country. That means that Turkish customers cannot book hotels from their own country.

The booking website Booking.com itself is not blocked in Turkey. Only local hotel sales have been blocked. Contact Booking.com for futher information and news

Customers outside of Turkey are not affected by this. You are able to book hotel rooms in Turkey from any other country that Booking.com Services. That means that the only people who can’t book hotels are those who already live in the country, what some might call an unfair ruling.

This case isn’t the first time that Booking.com has gone to court. One of the past cases was a online booking investigation into the fairness practices. Booking.com guarantees the lowest rates to users and as such requires the hotels that use their site to always provide the lowest possible rates. No travel agent can find a lower deal.

booking.com turkey

Do you think the Turkish government’s decision to block Turkish hotels from being booked inside Turkey was fair? A lot of people would agree that it is fair because it takes away jobs from travel agents who have worked hard in the country for years. At the same time, it is also a constant problem around the world as the internet has brought services to people from around the world.