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Which is the cheapest courier company in Australia

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When trying to send a package anywhere in the world, cost plays a big factor. Shipping rates have gone up around the world. Australian Post now even charges people who don’t pick up their packages on time. With that being taken into consideration, you want to know the cheapest courier company.

In 2016 a test was conducted into the cost of sending a package in Australia via couriers. The base line for this test was the cost to send a package via Australian Post which cost around $13.95.


The Cheapest Option: WizMe

It was found that the cheapest option was to use WizMe. WizMe is a company that sends items from point a to point b, in fact, their slogan is: Wiz your stuff from point a to point b. The price to send the same package as the one mentioned above, was $10.69 with a small fee for a box

If you are trying to figure out how much it will cost you to send your package, best choice is to visit the WizMe quote section at: https://www.wizme.com.au/quote-flat-rate-shipping/.

WizMe serves all of Australia, from coast to coast and is specialized in making quick deliveries from place to place. You can ship anything that will either fit in a box or a courier pouch. Should your recipient miss a delivery, it will be available for five days either via re-delivery or through pickup at one of over 400 locations around the country, contact WizMe for further information


The Runner Up: Sendle

The same testing of services found that the runner up for cheapest courier was Sendle. Sendle charged $10.75 to send the test package. Not much more expensive and still cheaper than Australian Post.

Sendle uses a unique approach to delivery. Instead of using company vans and drivers, they work with partners such as other courier companies, to utilize free space. Because of the unique approach that Sendle uses the holding time for undelivered packages may vary as well as where you can pick up the package.

Sending packages is a major part of many businesses. Now that you know the two cheapest options to use for delivering in Australia, you can make the most of your money.