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When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media

social media impact

Social Media and when Does It Have More Impact?

Social media marketing is a big focus of many businesses. If you can manage to get your word out there on social media sales start to skyrocket. But getting your word out there isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors to consider, one of the biggest questions asked about social media marketing is when is the best time to post?

Want the easy answer to that question?

You should upload your content to social media when the target audience is most likely to be on the network.

How are you supposed to know when the target audience is online though? That is a hard question to answer unless you do a fair amount of research.

Thursdays through Sundays are the best days of the week to post. Saturday and Sunday have the highest engagement rate while Friday tends to be the happiest day of the week. Chances are that if you post happy content on a Friday it will be received the best.

There are 3 times to post throughout the day on each of these days, 9am, 1pm, and 3pm. Studies have shown that 1pm will get you the most shares and 3pm the most likes. 

So, the general answer to the question according to studies is that you need to post between noon and 4pm any day later in the week or weekend. This theory has been applied with Facebook and it works 100%.

Now social media experts need to keep in mind that this is based on an average determined from a study. Your target audience might be different, a good example of this would be if you are targeting people who work night shift who aren’t awake during the day. Here’s another example, children in school are more likely to be on around 3 or 4 than any other time.

Remember to use your analytics when you are posting so that you know how your posts are received. The performance of your posts will help you pinpoint the time to post for your specific target audience. Don’t be afraid to use a different time if it works better for you.