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What to do if your cell device is wet?

smartphone wet

Fix your wet cell device

Moisture and water can be considered as one of the biggest enemies of your cell device. A lot of people end up with hassle after accidentally dropping their cell devices to water. What should you do when your cell device is wet? Unfortunately, most of the people don’t have a clear understanding about what needs to be done when their cell devices are wet. Here is a list of steps that they can follow in order to minimize the damage caused created by water to the cell device. These tips work with any cell device and any carrier, like Vodafone or others.

How to fix it?

First of all, you need to turn off the cell device that you have accidentally dropped in water. Then you should remove the protective casing, micro SD card and SIM card from their respective slots. As the next step, you should open the back cover of your cell device and remove the battery. 

Once you remove the things mentioned above, you can think about using a sleeve, cloth or a paper towel in order to dab the phone dry. It is important to be careful not to spread the liquid around. That’s because the cloth that you are using could push liquids to more of the openings that can be found in the cell device. Using the cloth, you need to soak water as much as possible. 

If the extent of the water damage is extensive, you can think about using a vacuum. The vacuum should be used to suck out water, but you need to be careful enough to use a moderate speed so that you don’t end up with damaging the phone. This can be considered as the most effective method available for you to suck out water from SIM card slot, micro SD card slot or the battery compartment. 

Once you complete this step, you should take a zip lock bag that is full of uncooked rice. That’s because rice is considered as one of the best materials that can be used to absorb liquid particles that are trapped inside the cell device. If you don’t want to go through this process, you can think about spending your money in order to purchase a dedicated phone drying pouch. These pouches can be purchased from the market at an affordable price and it would be worth to have a one around you home for future use. 

Whether you keep your phone inside a zip lock bag full of rice or inside a phone drying pouch, you need to let it stay for a period of two days. You would get the need to switch on your cell phone and see whether it is working. However, you should never attempt to do it because it can cause more damage to the device. It would be a good idea to put your SIM card to an old phone and use within these two days. If you don’t have an old phone, you can simply borrow a one from one of your friends or family members.

Cell Water

At the end of the second day, you can take out the phone from zip lock bag or drying pouch. Then you can insert your battery, SIM card and micro SD card before turning on. If your phone doesn’t turn on, you should plug it into the charger. In case if the phone doesn’t re-charge, your battery is damaged. In such a situation, you can think about replacing the battery. Or else, you can take your phone to a professional service provider to do a check. 

If your phone switches on and working, you need to keep a close eye on it for the next few days as well. In here, you must check whether you can see something extraordinary. You can play a sound track to see whether your speakers are working correctly. Then you need to check whether the touch screen responds as per the way it should. 

Along with the development of technology, water resistant cell devices have been released to the market. It would be a good idea to spend your money in order to purchase such a device. Then you would get the opportunity to take the cell device to the pool or beach along with you, without worrying about anything. 

You need to keep several important facts in your mind while you are spending money in order to purchase a water resistant cell device. That’s because some of the cell devices only show water resistant properties under a pre-defined set of conditions. These conditions are specifically mentioned by the manufacturer and you should carefully go through them to figure out the best cell device that is available in the market. For example, the water resistant properties of a cell device usually depends on the depth of submersion, clarity of water and the time duration that it is submerged under water. In most of the cases, the manufacturers recommend not to submerge the device in water unless it is absolutely required. However, you don’t need to worry about any accidental drops if it is for a short period of time. But you should be careful not to go on swimming in a beach while keeping the cell device in your pocket. This would cause more damage to your device and you will need to go through the hassle associated with repairs. 

If you already have purchased a cell device that doesn’t have water resistant capabilities and if you are not in a position to afford a new one, the best option available for you would be to consider about purchasing a new case. Water resistant cases are available for almost all the leading cell device models that are available in the market. You just need to do a simple search and purchase the water resistant case that is available for your cell device. It can also offer decent water resistant properties and you should never submerge the device in water intentionally.