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Is Viagogo Australia Legit?

Viagogo markets itself as a place to buy tickets for all of your Australian events from concerts to sports. The amount of work that has gone into the Viagogo website makes it look very impressive. The tickets that they claim to sell also make it sound legitimate such as the FIFA tickets and Eagles Tickets. And in all reality it is a functioning website where you can get tickets.

Just because a website is functioning and allows you to buy tickets, doesn’t mean that it is a great option for you to get tickets from. Viagogo is not a primary or an authorized ticket seller. All of the tickets that appear on their website are resold from other sources.

Hundreds of users of the Viagogo website have launched complaints into the website. There have also been hundreds more inquiries into the practices of the Viagogo company. These are just numbers from Australian customers.


Why are customers so annoyed with the Viagogo service?

The number one complaint is that there are hidden fees and charges being included in ticket sales. One example charged a customer a 31% markup. Another suffered a 29% markup. Part of the markup that people are noticing is a booking fee that varies wildly. In the first case mentioned above, the booking fee was only $37.50 while the second case had a booking fee of $125.

viagogo services

Another complaint that is seen frequently is that the website is being deceptive. For example, the website heralds them as an original ticket seller, when in fact they are not. Viagogo buys tickets from other sources and then resells them at marked up prices.

Originally Viagogo was unresponsive to complaints, but that changed when they were threatened with public warnings. On Product Review, a public rating website, they have a 1.2 star rating from 1113 reviews, that is a lot of reviews from people around the world.

While the Viagogo website isn’t complete a scam, major consumer watchdogs caution you to be very careful when using the website. Make sure to read all of the terms and conditions beforehand and to use a credit card that has a form of consumer protection on it. Officials like Senator Nick Xenophon are working to enact more laws to protect the public from scalper sites such as Viagogo but the process will take a while.

Instead of using Viagogo consumer watchdogs advise that you use reputable services such as Ticket Master that have an established report with consumers. Whenever shopping online it is always wise to check on websites that you are giving your credit card to. This will help to protect not just your money, but your identity too.