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Veda Credit Check

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Veda Australia is one of the biggest credit score agencies in the world, currently Veda is also known as Equifax. Veda maintains credit on people around the world, this credit score is often used to help determine whether you are a reliable renter or not. Before renting or before applying for a loan you might want to perform an Veda Australia credit check. How do you perform one of these credit checks?


Veda My Credit File

Veda runs the website My Credit File at http://mycreditfile.com.au and this is where you are going to want to go to find out how your credit is doing. The first option is to order your credit with a free credit report, this report is dispatched within 10 days and has your full history.

The Veda report will allow you to see what lenders and landlords see. This is a one time, free credit pull that can be performed once a year. By using this option, you can see what you need to do in order to boost your credit score.


Veda My Credit Alert

Another option is to use My Credit Alert. This is a service offered by Veda where you can get your credit report within one business day. During the period of one month, you will be alerted to any changes in your credit rating. This service is offered on their website for $79.95 a year but sometimes can be found on their website for a discounted rate of up to 50% off.


Credit Check By Phone

You can also start the credit check process by phone by calling Veda phone number is 1300 762 207. In order to perform a credit check make sure you have all of your personal information available. Using the phone to get a credit check performed is not the easiest method and may require a lot of double checking of facts.


Reasons For Free Credit Check

A credit check with the Veda bureau can be requested once a year for free. This allows you to keep up on your credit score annually. There are two other circumstances under which you can pull a free credit check.

  • If you have been declined for credit within the last 90 days
  • If your request relates to a correction of your credit report

Knowing your credit score is important. It helps you to stay on top of whether or not your credit is doing good. You will know where to make changes in your lifestyle in order to better reflect on your financial status. Use the methods above to check your Veda credit score.


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