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Uber Australia How to report issues with drivers


Uber is a quickly growing service in Australia and people trust their services because they have been trustworthy and reliable. However, you cannot rely on all the drivers that have come to pick you up. Apart from that, an emergency can happen anytime.

It has been noticed that some of the Uber Australia drivers do not follow the rules and regulations and it leads to some complications. The good news is that you are important to Uber Australia and so they have given you the opportunity to file the complaint. Here are a few platforms that you can use to report the driver.

Uber Help Center

Recently, Uber has launched the properly equipped help center and you can use the services to:

  • Report against the driver
  • Discuss the payment issues
  • Change the ratings you gave to the driver
  • Unsubscribe the notification about the certain driver
  • Lost items
  • Poor driver behavior

All you have to do is access the help center of Uber Australia from their official website. Now sign in using your Uber account and enter the city that you are living in. Select the trip and mentions all the issues that you dealt with, all the necessary details should be given.


Uber Sydney Rider App

In order to ensure that your issues have been directly sent to the Uber support, the best option is to utilize the Uber Application, follow the given steps to report the issue:

  1. On your smartphone log in to the uber rider account
  2. Access the settings from the menu
  3. Select the options of trips and them tap on past trip
  4. Select the particular trip that you had issues with
  5. Now select the option of NEED HELP
  6. Tap on the issues and your request will be sent to the authorities of Uber Australia

In case you are unable to locate the exact issue on the menu, you can select the one that is closest to your problem.


Uber Australia Email Support

In case you did not get the required respond, you can use the Uber Australia email support, ensure that you have sent the email from the address that has been registered by Uber Australia in order to avoid any confusion. Clearly, mention that issues and the authorities will respond you as soon as possible. In order to make their services better, they will do anything to satisfy the customers so it is important that you let them know the problems.

Make sure that you file your report as soon as possible because it will increase the chances of quick action against the particular driver. The Uber Australia authorities are very strict with their policies, as they want to ensure that they are the leading transportation facility in the state.

They have gained the trust and satisfaction of their clients with hard work and they cannot afford to lose it become of some egoistic driver. So utilize any of the above-mentioned methods and you will get the quick response.


My husband booked a trip on 0418672775 to Sydney International airport at 8pm in the evening prior for a time of 4am today 24th April 2018 - it NEVER came despite your app saying at 4am this morning that quote ‘your upcoming trip is arriving soon’ but no car arrived - then the system reported a problem and the app failed altogether!!! We had to phone for a Silver Cab
I consider this to be highly unacceptable service and it will affect our thoughts of ever booking another Uber to the airport - Jane Cruickshank

I have changed my card payment method to pay pal or Amex .......1009. PayPal has advised that you are still using my savings account ...84. Why is this? The payment is not being authorised by the bank. Can you please explain why you are not using the pay pal facility. I use Amex to pay PayPal. Bryan Knox