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Transfer contacts from Iphone to Computer

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Discover how to transfer your iPhone Contacts

As you know, your contacts are securely the most important part of your iPhone, they are what allow you to get ahold of all those you know. There may come a point in time when you want transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your computer. Here are a few ways to handle the transfer.


Move you iphone contacts from iTunes

If you want to just transfer your contacts from iPhone to iPhone via the computer, iTunes is probably the easiest way to do it. When you plug your iPhone into the computer, select the device in iTunes. Then click the info section. Under sync you should check the option for contacts. This will transfer all of the device’s contacts to your computer.

move contacts from iphone to computer

Make sure to press the sync button after you have set up syncing so that the process is started.


Transfer your iphone contacts using iCloud

iCloud is the Apple network of information that exists on the internet. Your personal iCloud account can contain your contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and more. You can access all of this information from your computer in much the same way you would on your phone.

On your iPhone go to the settings section and open iCloud. Make sure that contact sync is enabled so that your device will upload all of the contact are uploaded to the cloud. Once your device has finished syncing your contacts, you will be able to access them from your computer and transfer your contacts.

In order to access contacts from your iCloud account on the internet, you can go to this address: https://www.icloud.com/#contacts. iCloud also supports the export of contacts for the purpose of adding them to another program or device.


How to transfer from Google Contacts?

Alternatively you can start to use Google Contacts for your address book on your iPhone by adding a Google account to your device. This will allow you to access contacts on any Google program and on your phone.

By going to contacts and then settings you can add an account from Google. Make sure to check that contacts should be synced. Next time you open the contacts app they will sync.

You can access google contacts online at http://contacts.google.com.