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How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone

iphone contacts

Got a new phone and need to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to another device? There are multiple options for you and most of them are extremely easy. Here is how to get your contacts transferred.


If you are going to continue using Apple devices the easiest way to transfer all of your contacts is with iCloud. Simply go to Settings and iCloud and make sure contacts is selected. On the new device just ensure that contact syncing is enabled.


Plug your phone into your computer and start up iTunes if it doesn’t start up automatically. When you select your phone from the menu bar there should be an option for sync contacts. This will sync all of the contacts to your computer.

When you plug your new phone in, all you need to do is make sure that sync contacts is enabled.

Google Contacts

Google may be the make of Android but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a Google account to sync your contacts to and from an iPhone. Simply go to the contacts section on your phone and then accounts. Start the process of adding an account by clicking the button and make sure the type is a Google account.

After your account is set up, all you need to do is close the contacts app and open it again, this will start the syncing process. Google contacts allows you to maintain contacts across devices (even those with different operating systems).


There are multiple apps that are able to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone and from iPhone to any other device. One example of this is AnyTrans. Each app will work differently so it is possible to give directions for every app. At the same time though, the apps will come with tutorials and/or directions to help you utilize them.

By utilizing these directions you can have your contacts on your phone in no time. Contact transfer has come a long way since needing to make sure your sim card was holding all of your contacts.