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How to Track Someone's Location Using Mobile Number

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Track a cell phone location by number

Mobile numbers in most countries are not kept in any public database like landlines are. With that in mind, people will want to know where a mobile number is located when they get a phone call. This is especially true in cases where you get a telemarketing call from a cell phone number.

How do you track these numbers? Let’s take a look.

You can retrieve basic information for any phone number by using a website like http://www.everify.com/ without having to have an account. You can locate the city or general area, type of phone (in this case a mobile), and the provider. For most users this might be enough information, for others, you can create an account and see more information.

Another way to find location and owner information is to simply place the phone number in Google. This will return you with everywhere it has been used on the internet. Results will include anytime anyone has posted reporting a solicitor. This can be helpful and it is a quick way to address the problem.

A last option is to download a caller ID app to your cellphone. This will automatically identify the location of incoming callers. It will also give you information such the likelihood that a caller is a telemarketer. You will know before you answer a call whether or not the other person is real.

Here are some of the apps that you can use:

  • Truecaller
  • Hiya
  • CIA (Caller ID APP)
  • Contactive
  • Whoscall

Also you can browse by internet and seach a free online phone tracker by mobile number displayed, there are many options you can choose. Also it seems there are some telecommunications companies like Optus Australia which is investigating about this matter also

Using methods like the above-mentioned techniques will allow you to find the general location of a phone number. Often times down to within a city. True cell phone tracking is not available to the average consumer for public safety reasons. To know an exact location of a phone number you will need to have an app on the phone or know the information for the user’s tracking account (i.e. Find My Phone).

With the information in this article though you can combat spam. You won’t have to worry if the person calling you is trying to take your money. You can also get a better idea of where a caller is.