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Are really Ticketek Australia customer satisfied with customer care services?

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What´s happening with Ticketek Customer Service?

Ticketek Australia is a major provider for tickets in Australia. Everything from concert tickets to sports tickets can be booked through their website. You can even get deals such as their great last minute deals but what happens when you need to get customer service? 

Well let’s take a look at why a lot of people aren’t too happy with the customer service that they have received from Ticketek.

Ticketek’s customer service line 132 849 handles all of the customer service support for the company. They handle so much customer support in fact that the phone number is often busy or engaged. People have claimed that they have called the Ticketek number 34 times in 5 days with every time the number coming up as engaged.

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Those who have gotten through report that the Ticketek Australia phone system has put them on hold for long periods of time from 45 minutes to well over an hour.

Customers are simply not satisfied with the level of customer service provided by a Ticketek Australia, especially since the obvious solution is that the company needs to up their phone service standards. Don’t worry though, you have several other options for contacting Ticketek Australia.

Another Ticketek number is 1300 795 012. Customers who call this number report that there are able to get into the phone system but still experience a long wait time.

A more modern way to contact Ticketek Australia is to use Twitter. You can find their Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ticketek_AU. Their handle is @Ticketek_AU. Some customers have not reported luck with this method either.

Ticketek uses a third party solution for managing help contacts via a contact form. The form is located here: http://ticketek.custhelp.com/. If you use this form you should hear back from the company but it will take some time.

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If you don’t want to wait and have a simple question, you can take a look at the Ticketek Australia frequently asked questions section at http://ticketek.custhelp.com/app/answers/list. This will help to resolve many basic questions.

Should all else fail when trying to contact Ticketek Australia you might need to continue trying.  The company has a lot of customer trying to contact them and it can take a little bit for an agent to be available to take your call.


Thank you for posting this information about Ticketek Australia. Can you now post/blog how unsatisfied customers of "Viagogo" can contact them. I have tried their websites and phone numbers published and nothing works. There seems to be a lot of unhappy customers on their site. I have found a email address for 'Viagogo'. corporate@viagogo.com which has not bounced back (yet) that I have sent my complaint to about the site on-selling tickets that have been purchased with a stolen credit card. Unfortunately, the tickets are still being sold on the 'Viagogo' site but there doesn't seem to be anyway of trusting people to their money back. Would love some assistance (along with the other people with complaints about Viagogo). Thanks.