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Pokemon Go in Australia, what´s next?


The wait is over because Pokémon go is now in Australia

Recently many new games have been developed that takes you in the gaming field. It seems like you are in the game and there is nothing that can stop you from having fun. 

One of the remarkable games that have been developed using the technology of augmented reality of Pokémon Go. As soon as the game was released there was a high-demand to launch it around the globe. The reason is that customers fell in love with the amazing features and the latest playing platforms that turn you into a Pokémon hunter.

the game app

Pokémon Go in Australia

The most awaited game was surprisingly launched in Australia on July 6, 2016. The best thing about the game is that it was released for both Android and iOS platforms to ensure that the users of a special smart device will not have to wait longer.

The moment it was released on the app stores, the audience went crazy and the game became viral. The reason is that it allows you to be you and catch the Pokémon like a professional. So we can say that the game makes you live your dreams. 

The game is entirely different from the regular games and all the Pokémon are hard to catch. The reason is that the developers have left no weak point of the Pokémon. It seems simple that all you have to do is throw the Pokeball and catch the character. The real fun begins when you have to walk miles to find the character. 

The impact of the game

Pokémon go has the following impact on its users:

  • As soon as the game was released it become one of the most important things to the people
  • It became the most downloaded game and had the highest rating on the app stores and the top reviews as well
  • Everyone had the game on his or her devices whether it is a kid, teenager or an adult
  • For most people, it became a stressful game because when they were unable to accomplish the task they lost their temper that led to the uninstallation of the game. 
  • With the passage of time, it become a common thing and people were not as excited about it as they were in the beginning
  • Even after the updates of the game it did catch the attention of many users because at the end the rules and playing platform is the same

So now, most of the people are not playing Pokémon Go. The reason is that most of the people think that it wastes their time and with the busy schedule, they are unable to maintain their record in the game. However, there are still many determined game lovers that are ready to win the game and so they are still playing it. So keep catching the Pokémon for fun.