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Will OPPO R9s eat iphone´s market

OPPO is a phone manufacturer that just released an iPhone look alike. Since the release of the device many people have been wondering what will happen with the iPhone in Australia. People want to know if the iPhone has found its match in the R9s.

Chances are that the iPhone won’t be going anywhere. There are a variety of reasons for this. Let’s take a look at why the R9s just doesn’t cut it.

At first glance the OPPO R9s looks like a great competitor. It has a lightweight build, comes in a variety of colors, has one heck of a display, and many other benefits going for it. The OPPO R9s also boasts a price point of just $400.


Oppo R9s vs iPhone X

For those looking for an attractive phone with a lot of power but a reasonable price, they might go for the OPPO R9s. It is attractive to that category of device users.

oppo r9 vs iphonex

Where the device starts to fail is that it wants to look like an iPhone but lacks one important feature, iOS. Apple’s operating system is proprietary and they have done an amazing job at keeping other devices from using it. Without the operating system, the phone is similar to a variety of other mid-line Android phones.

Both major phone operating systems have a foothold among their users and they will not be going anywhere to fast. This is especially true since Apple is the only company that can make a true iPhone.

The one place that OPPO R9s is set to do extremely well is among those who already use Android phones. With great mid-line specs, you will find more Android users opting to go to the OPPO R9s over more expensive Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy 8 which starts off at over $800.

At a much lower starting price point, that is hard for those on a budget to argue with. Especially with the level of specs that out-perform iPhone 6 and approach those of the iPhone 7. They also approach many higher end Android devices.