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Mother´s Day Australia

mothers day australia

We all love our mum’s, but it can be easy to take her for granted in today’s hectic life. If you have been feeling that you have been taking your dear old mum for granted, then you have the opportunity to make it up to her on the second Sunday in May, which is the spot on the calendar that is reserved for Mother’s Day in Australia. Most folks are well aware of this special day, but not everyone may know how it all began. Let’s take a moment to look at how Mother’s Day began, and how it has evolved over the years.

The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced all the way back to 1861 in the years following the American Civil War. It was an American writer and women’s rights activist named Julia Ward Howe who suggested that women unite on a single day every June in something that came to be known as the Mother’s Day Proclamation. The real push began in 1908, when Anna Maria Jarvis once again raised the idea of a day in celebration of mother’s, which President Woodrow Wilson signed into being in 1914.

It was not until 10 years later, in 1924, that Mother’s Day was first observed in Australia. A Sydney woman named Janet Heyden became concerned about the plight of women who had lost their spouses and sons in World War I. Her initial idea was to have people donate gifts and cards to those women who had lost men to the war, and it was the success of that campaign that led to Australia finally adopting the Mother’s Day holiday on the second Sunday in May, which was the same date observed in the United States.


Mother´s Day Traditional Gifts

Over time, Mother’s Day became more and more commercialized in Australia. The traditional gifts became cards, flowers, and candy, while husbands and children would also treat mum to breakfast in bed on her special day. Mother’s spend much of their time looking after their families, often to the point where they don’t look after themselves in the same fashion. Mother’s Day became a day where the roles could be reversed, and where Australian mum’s could sit back and relax while they were looked after by their family. Also, since 2015 it´s usual to give some beauty treatments, like services provided by Adore Beauty in Australia.

Mother’s Day in Australia is a little bit different nowadays. Sure, some of the old traditions are still observed, but it is also a day that is now used for family reunions. Family members from far and wide come together to celebrate the special day with mum, with picnics or big meals the order of the day. It is also now a day where women in general are celebrated. The roles of women have changed dramatically over the years, and this special holiday has done a good job of changing with the times. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your loving mum a nice bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates on Mother’s Day in Australia.