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How to make a complaint to Jetstar Australia

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Have you used Jetstar to book travel or accommodations? Chances are that if you haven’t, you will soon. Jetstar Australia is one of the biggest ways to plan your travel. No matter how big a company is there will always be times when you might need to make a complaint. Here is how you can make a complaint with Jetstar Australia.

Jetstar has several ways that you can contact them in order to make a complaint. The easiest way (and quickest) is to use their system at http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/contact-us. In this system you will find a tree with reasons to contact them. Select Complaints and Compliments. From there, pick the nature of your complaint.

While most complaints will allow you to chat with a representative live, a few of them request that you use a contact form. In either case make sure that you have as much information as possible. The more information, the easier it will be for them to address your concerns.

You can also initiate a free Skype call with Jetstar Australia. To do this follow the link to the website here: http://www.jetstar.com/us/en/contact-us/complaints-and-compliments. On the site you will find a button that says “Free Skype Call”. Click this button and the call will be connected.

On the same link posted above you can find both fare rules and travel advice that might be able to answer some questions before contacting the company.

Your last option is to contact Jetstar Australia Customer Service by phone. To call from inside Australia, dial 131 538, this number is available for service 24 hours a day and Jetstar Complaint team will help you with your complaint

Should you want to do a little research before contacting Jetstar Australia, feel free to take a look at http://www.jetstar.com/us/en/help to find useful information. You can search for keywords or read common articles.

Not letting a complaint go by is important and should you have one, it is advised to contact Jetstar Australia. If they never hear about your complaint, they can’t work to make it right. Other people might have the same problem.


My Jetstar booking is IDCFYP

My bank transactions are as follows

8-Aug-17 -298.15 MISCELLANEOUS DEBIT V8806 07/08 JETSTAR AIR COLLINGWOO 01182333467 24224.52
8-Aug-17 -700 ATM DEBIT NABATM CSH 08th13:28WESTPOINT SHOPPING C 24522.67
7-Aug-17 -1.99 MISCELLANEOUS DEBIT V8806 07/08 Cincotta Blacktown Blacktown 74249237219 25222.67
7-Aug-17 -6.5 MISCELLANEOUS DEBIT V8806 05/08 WOOLWORTHS 1288 BLACKTOWN 06182823737 25224.66
7-Aug-17 -2 MISCELLANEOUS DEBIT V8806 04/08 7-ELEVEN 2074 BLACKTOWN 74564457216 25231.16
4-Aug-17 -276.56 MISCELLANEOUS DEBIT V8806 04/08 JETSTAR AIR COLLINGWOO 05171085702 25233.16

To whom it may concern
My name is Siu Muliaga , In October 2018 during Jetstars birthday I made a phone call spoke to a couple of consultants before getting Transferred to Manager Ed due to problems I had with an afterpay after rephersing the system a few times while on The phone wuth Manger Ed on the 4th Attempt I realise I Finally missed the fly one way return free sale while I was n the phone with Manger Ed I told him " I think I missed the sale" he replied after a couple of hours on the Phone he will call me back, A few weeks later Manager Ed returned my phone call and said to Pay my one way when its done call back he will help me out with the free return since it wasn't my fault, its been a few months now and im still waiting for his call back Ive called back every single week and I get the same answer EDS NOT AVAILABLE and we will update your file again ive emailed, called, wrote letters and now im trying to complaint here I don't know what else to do please reply or call me