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How to make a Booking in Airbnb Australia

booking in Airbnb Australia

Airbnb Australia provides you the comfort of staying at someone’s place at reasonable rates. However, with ease comes responsibilities as well. As you’ll be staying at another individual’s place, it’s important that you adapt to their sense of hospitality.

Some hosts would require a booking from you whereas others might be comfortable with approving reservations themselves. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand how to make a reservation in Airbnb or to contact Airbnb to help you with booking process.


Step 1: Make Sure Your Profile is Complete

Airbnb is a closely knit community that relies on mutual trust from both parties. Therefore, to establish that it’s important that transparency isn’t compromised in any manner. You should complete your profile before making your reservation so that the host knows about you. If you want your hosts to be comfortable, it’s important that you put up a profile picture and verify your ID. Verifications and pictures would significantly increase your chances of reserving a room with any host.

Choose a nice place

Step 2: Choosing the Right Place

Airbnb prides itself to have over 920,000 listings from around the globe. With such a huge quantity, the options for you are frankly unlimited. Therefore, you should focus on what sort of place you require. Comfort level should always be the priority as you want to have a memorable trip.

While searching for rooms, don’t be vague about your requirements, some people, days, etc. The more specific you are, the more accurate the prices will be. As Airbnb is a community, you should read reviews, see amenities and read the description of the place thoroughly to make the right choice. Some hosts also welcome getting calls from potential residents at their place as well.

Booking Steps

Step 3: Finally Book It

After you’ve laid down the groundwork, it’s time that you book the place for yourself. There are different methods of reservation, and the choice is entirely dependent upon the liking of your potential hosts. Generally, Airbnb offers three styles of booking.

  • Instant Booking

For hosts that don’t want to approve each reservation individually and would rather welcome anyone in their house, instant booking is an option they prefer. You’ll go to their listing and reserve your booking instantly by clicking on the “instant Book” button.

  • Request a Booking

For most homeowners, they prefer to approve each reservation by themselves, so they know who's going to stay at their place. It brings a sense of security to them as they have the last right to confirm a booking or not. For such listings, you’ll see a “Request to Book” button. You’ll be required to fill in the details to request for the booking especially payment details. The hosts will have 24 hours to approve the booking.

  • Pre-Approvals and Special Offers

In case you want to talk to the host before booking, you’ll get a pre-approval or special offer booking from the host. Pre-approval is a request to finish your booking according to the details you sent to the host. As for the special offer, the hosts provide special pricing along with other package details to you.